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Depends what you're definition of cold is!! Its mild here for us at the moment, today its 12 degrees celsius, which compared to last weekend is positively boiling. Temps down to -6 last week. Forecast is for it to stay mild, temps about the same but the good old English rain will be here. Bring an umbrella.

Longgggggg time reader, coming out of the closet to say hi and hope to catch up with you at the Fertility Show! I'm the chair of the uk charity for women with PCOS, so we have a stand there as well.

And yes... it's verrrrrrrrry very cold. If you have to chose between the umbrella and some thermals though, I'd go with the latter!

I'll definitely pop by to say hi! And, Rachel, I am a member of Verity (PCOS group), so will also be on the lookout for your stand. Tertia, I am freeeezzzzing at the moment, but I am a bit of a ninny (am such a Saffer. Miss warmth and, you know, SUN rather a bit). Still, come prepared - leave the shorts at home and bring jacket and umbrella!

Please take me with you!!!!! I'll carry your bags and laugh at all your jokes.

Enjoy- I'm jealous.

Just stumbled across your blog... love it! Have read a fair bit already but looking forward to reading more.

Nicola, excellent looking forward to meeting you too! We're stand 19

Hi- it will be a bit chilly, and rainy, as it's autumn and england. Don't bring flipflops!

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