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There you go, using the word fuck again.

I can't believe Tertia is revealing my private secrets here. So typical.

lol... and then again at the first comment.

i can only LAUGH!!!

Hey There, now this is me to the too :) Now if I could just explain this to my hubby :)

I would comment on this but I'm afraid that she might blog about me.

Fuck. I love it!

i was going to comment, but for some unknown reason this post made me fucking well cry and i can't see my keyboard . . .

The fuck knows section is probably a mixture of both happiness and saddness. You forgot a tiny slice for the onions.

Fucking hilarious ;-)

Ha! Ha! I agree with you Mrs. H. We women are known for its sensitivity in all aspect and situation there is on earth. Actually, even a drama movie or books can make can make us cry.

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