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Illicit = adjective meaning "not allowed."
Elicit = verb meaning "draw out."

So the post elicited quite a few interested responses.


If I had more self-control, then I would be able to resist correcting strangers' spelling on the Internet.

elicit - verb - to draw out
illicit - adjective - illegal

If I had a dictionary, I would give it to you? The word illicit means illegal. The word elicit means to draw out. You can use the word properly, you just haven't been spelling it properly. ;)

If I had another baby then I would feel comfortable that I would not be eventually leaving my daughter alone in the world.

If I had a few million dollars then I would give it to my husband so he would lose his excuses about why he has to go and work far away from home. (and also, then I would quit my job because it is a soul-sucking vortex of evil...that is extremely flexible and pays well.)

What Roberta wrote. :)

Man, I'd have thought Orange would have been all over that!!


If I had more money, I'd be able to do the things I'd like to do (travel, etc)

What came to me: If I had more money I wouldn't have to go back to work and could therefore spend more time with my baby. And plan to have another! And live in a bigger house. Shit, we need more money.

If I had a body that weighed 40 lbs. less than it currently does, then I would be wildly successful, popular, rich, and unbelievably happy.

Why is it that I am 43 years old, happily married, with 3 hard-won children, without a need in the world, and I still can't get over my slightly overweight body? It is the root of most of my frustration.

If I had more discipline to take advantage of those loose hours in the day, I would have long finished my (latest) degree by now!

Really, I do fart around an awful lot when the baby is asleep...

Touches on a topic I've been pondering this morning on my way to the airport to drop the husband. Truth is, one will always need(want?) more money. The real question is, what is it I want to be doing and how do I get to be doing more of that within my own means. Or will what I need(have)to be doing always be at the mercy of what I want to be doing.

Such are the questions I ponder on my way to the airport my dear Watson, the questions I'm yet to answer myself.

I wonder what it is that Tertia would 'want to be doing'?

If I had un-fucked-up ovaries, I would be a mom by now.

I am in that dark place at the moment. Consumed.

Laura made me chuckle!

If I had longer legs then I would be taller & thinner (considering I am too short for my weight!)

If I had stayed where I was then I would be still be there now....

If I had TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS then I could live the kind of life I want to live, giving to charities at will, having a nice home instead of being homeless, and being able to care for my disabled son and ensure that he will have good care after I'm gone.

if i had students then i'd be a yoga teacher

baby steps...

If I had children then I would be the happiest mom alive.

If I had married younger, then I would be $70,000 richer, having not required infertility treatment. Sigh.


how's that? hehe

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