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Yes, Spore is lovely....but I think the "no gum" rule would get me down. (And I don't even chew gum. I just have a problem with authority.)

Guess what I wear EVERY day? I only wear jeans if we are going to watch ice hockey.

Jealous? :)

So glad you're having a fabulous time. V v proud of you!

I know, isn't it amazing? Have you been to Raffles yet? My hotel was the Pan Pacific and apparently the circuit for the racing will go right past there x I loved Singapore for it's cleanliness, the sweetness of the people and how safe I felt at ALL times!!

hi...do come over to malaysia..i know singapore is nice and clean and sooo orderly...but we malaysians' have a big heart and our country is bigger...
do enjoy yourself and try out the local delicacies especially the food court at vivo center..
have fun

I love Singapore! I haven't been there for a few years but I always have such a good time. Everyone is so friendly.

I am very very proud of the Anal-Tynes, they have been super relaxed and fun to have around. Boo Hoo time is going by too fast. Please dont go.

I am 'watching the race' from my dining room table, while I suss out my blog to see if there's been any traffic (I should probably post something), and I thought of you right there! I had to drop a note to say Hi and I hope you're loving every second (complete with unattractive ear-plugs!)

(We went to the A1 GP when we had it here in Durban, so your ears have my sympathy, and although the sun near killed me, it was the BEST sunburn I've ever experienced.)

Are you sure those Asian barbies were actually women?

Oh I am so jealous... not of the heat, not by a long shot, but I would so love to attend an F1 grand prix...

I'm sorry, Tertia, but...

I can't helping laughing (in a friendly way) at you congratulating yourself for relaxing while in Singapore. I suspect that the only reason you feel free to unclench your sphincter is that Singapore itself is doing the anal-retentive thing FOR you.

Criminy -- you can get slapped with a $1000 fine just for possessing chewing gum there!

That said, I'm glad you've had such a lovely time. :)

Happy to learn that you enjoyed my country. I was at F1 too, but more to catch Daughtry and Adam Lambert!

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