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by the time he gets to marryin' age, you won't want to marry him anymore. by the time you are 60, you would not want a 22-year old. come to think of it, i wouldn't want a 22-year old now. i didn't want a 22-year old when i was 22...

stick with troy. he sounds like a keeper:-)

Too cute. Just wonder why you said he should think about marrying a girl. I know you are all about same-sex couples and supporting them, and an offhand comment like this to a little one already sends the message that hetero relationships are preferred while same-sex can be settled for.

Do you like Troy's parents? Otherwise maybe Adam should stick with you.

Dylan went off to golf on Saturday and asked if he could take his gf with, Kristen. Usually, he says, "Mom, Mom - pick a number" - then that's the club he uses to take the shot; or "hey Mom, did you see that shot?", "look at this swing", etc. But, alas, on Saturday - it was all "Kris, pick a number!", "Kris, check out this swing", "Kris, see how far the ball goes".... Good ol' Mom was left to read her book and sip her drink.... forgotten at the back of the green...looking slightly miffed (I might add).... It's a bitter pill to swallow when suddenly you are not their whole world anymore.

I knew someone would go there. Obviously from earlier blogs you're okay with the gay T.

Anyhoo you better check out Troys folks. Family come with the package even if they're all crazee. And don't give the kid ideas about sticking around. Have you seen the movie failure to launch. That bastard wouldn't move out for anything. A parents worse nightmare.

How very cute!

Oh so now my daughter has been dumped by her cousin!! Not cool! Two more weeks to go!!!!

Very very cute!! My six-year old is still intent on marrying me and staying in this house FOREVER! :)

Hey Fenley - re read the comment. I KNOW she's ok with "the gays". That was my POINT. That even as OK with the gays lots of heteros are, things still come out of mouths that people don't recognize as being heterocentric.

Good god.

You are so sweet with your kids. Because of your struggle to have them, they just seem more precious. I love to follow your blog.
Cathy Jo Cress

I suppose all that swinging at the driving range paid off - Dylan won a cool prize in a competition at Pearl Valley yesterday : nearest the pin using a "flop shot". Very chuffed.

Its Great that You are supporting that same-sex couples..You are very sweet with your kids....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diKj68Rb_xk Parents should be loveable to their babies ,that will be a great success to their kids ...

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