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Wow, you have an amazing sister! Thanks Melanie, for doing what you are doing!
It is scary how bad the difference between the two systems are, and the consequences are even too awful to think about...
Thanks for reminding us!

Funny how you would have this up today had a call earlier about a neighbour who went to a public hospital earlier this week and was sent home after being told her labor cramps were a false alarm. She birthed her baby in the bathroom at home an hour later!! You right when you say you are putting it mildly:-) It's beautiful what your sister is doing.

Although there are dedicated and caring nurses and doctors in the public health care system, it sometimes seems to me that the bulk of especially the nurses are callous and uncaring. The stories I have heard about how patients are treated at public hospitals...! And just look at their behaviour during the recent public servant strike! I am very thankful that I can afford medical aid, but it makes my blood boil that people who can't afford it are treated so badly. I will see whether I can help Melanie.

It is atrocious. A friend of mine that helped out at a public hospital mentioned the rows and rows of ladies giving birth at the same time and apparently the one nurse was walking past and slapped the one lady on her thigh and told her to stop screaming like that... We have a rather long road to walk still.

I think what both you AND your sister do for people is amazing! I am a U.S. resident, and my husband and I make enough to just get by... I WISH I could do here just SOME of what you and/or your sister do to help women in Africa. I don't even know where to begin!!! The women in that you have helped and continue to help are so lucky to have you!!!

You are so helpful. That is very nice of you.

Wow...very touching blog post, I think in this world, we need more people who have the hearts like you and your sister to make this world better.

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