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ha- ha! what's that chinese saying? if you don't change where you're headed, you'll get where you're going. or in other words, be careful what you want! ;) i think the best thing about this blog is your realization that "My life is wonderful".
*that's* awesome. we so often lose sight of that fact. thanks for sharing your realization and reminding me...

Shite Tertia, you and your whole damn family have got under my skin. Which is normally prickly. Loved this blog! x

I miss you guys!!!!! Sob!!!I wish I could Zacky-Boy to your house for a play, school starts next week for him, It's been two and a half months of holidays and I have now had ENOUGH! Lucky LR went back as soon as she was over the jetlag.Miss you, love to all.

We wont mention the fact that Kristin may have been complicit in the death of the first baby chick.....will we?

I LOVE this post! And, without meaning to place any extra pressure on you at all, I am also LOVING the regular posts. :-)

Lush post Tertia. You deserve everything good. xxx

We are very blessed to have all these kids and sisters and the Fockers and the pets and the brother and even the husbands. And then to top it all we are damn gorgeous as well! Grateful for health and family. xxx

Lovely post , makes me look at my family and also realise how blessed we have been .

That is it I am crossing the Boerie Curtain. Life sounds so much more laidback there! Wait - don't you have dogs? How do they and the chick get along?

What about the cat?

i am impressed with the wine glass under the park bench. where we live it is more likely to be a brown paper bag with a bottle rolling around in it . . .

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Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want. (Dan Stanfort, American businessman)

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