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I wonder if Zack and Adam aren't really twins? They seem so connected on every level. Zack was having the exact same conversation with me this morning.

oh, he is SO going to get serious manflu when he is, oh, i don't know, 13 maybe. he is a crack up.

LOL You should keep a "special pill bottle" for this type of "ailment"!

I use the pegasus homeopathic calming pillules for my 'sick' 2.5 year old son... what is it with men???

Goodness.... he's become a MAN!!!!

Demazin.....its our fav too.

Man flu! It's in his genes!

I used to love Demazin! Not only for the fact that it would allow me to breathe after cat exposure...

Well well, another man!!!!! In our house we have blue moot (medicine), purple moot - mmmmhh I shouldn't say this but I love that one as it not only takes away fevers it also induces sleep!!!! Hee Hee !!!!!!!!! and then we have my all 100% favourite - Rescue Remedy- which in my house heals all including temper tantrums and mommy hissy fits!!!!!!!

Ha, our medicine is red not blue, but the rest is the same. Of course it tastes like candy so they love it. (Just like the gummi bear vitamins.) Great when they need to take the medicine, not so great when you're trying to tell if they're malingering or what. All the same, I'd rather have the sweet stuff than try to force them to take something nasty-tasting.

What I want to know is, why can't they do the same thing for pets, fish-flavored pills or whatever? (I know, some are. But most aren't, and after pilling a cat for a week recently, I was very irritable about this.)

Ah HA! Yes, my son is 4 and we go through the same thing with purple or pink medicine. What happened to medicine that tastes like medicine? Doesn't that motivate them to get better faster? LOL!

Same thing with toothpaste! When I was growing up, the only flavor was mint. Now they have berry, bubblegum, tutti fruiti... I've been trying to get my son used to the mint. Sometimes he complains, but he does agree that his mouth feels "refreshed" afterwards. OMG! Kids!

HAHAHA! OK, I am glad my kids aren't the only weirdos who beg for medicine even if they aren't sick. And mine are all girls!

I'd be concerned if my kids asked for medicine! I guess the meds they've had don't taste good.

My 3 year old also loves medicine - Strawberry medicine (Calpol) is her ultimate favourite but she will literally swallow anything. Quite amazing, and a bit alarming I hated medicine so much that I started drinking pills very early on.

When I was little and sick 60 years ago my Mom gave me crushed aspirin mixed with sugar and water in a spoon- there was no baby aspirin. I remember is still very fondly because it was mixed with her love I think the best medicine is just a Mom's caring mixed with medicine.
Cathy Jo Cress

My kids love infant tylenol, even Anna (who really can't talk well) will ask for tylenol. John does fake sick (like on the first day of school, he wanted me to take him home.)

Medicine didn't taste as good when I was a kid!

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