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oi, us kiwis are very sensitive you know. we don't care if the ref is blind, a win is a win lady. we takes what we gets.

As a Kiwi I have an overwhelming urge to dig in here, but I don't even understand the game so there's likely no point. I will agree with you, the Aussies can't play rugby to save their lives. (Did any of that sound like I know what I'm talking about?)

ange, you sound like a fricken genius. now, all you have to do is pray to whatever entities you believe in that neither SA or Aussie get any better at the game before the World Cup next year. i saw the game last time SA won, and that was hell. NEVER AGAIN.

Oh you are all just jealous. Us Aussies have won so much other sport over the past few decades that we are giving you all a chance to catch up! Besides, nobody of any importance plays rugby in Australia: all the real people play Aussie Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So excited :) Just realized that this amazing couple lives in my city. I so wanna meet them and be BFFs too. LOL

And the only reason the South Africans win is because you poison the food!

Shame... felt so sad for John Smit. He looked guttered!

ooh, this is fun ... ex-South African - Kiwi here ... I tend to go to bed when ABs play SA, sitting on the fence is too painful, ha ha. BTW, the reason we emigrated to NZ and not Aussie, even though we have family in Oz, is because we knew we could support the ABs (Dan and Richie are so darn CUTE), but we'd never be able to defect to the Wallabies!!! True story! wha ha ha ha ha.

melissa . . . do you have any idea of the dilemma kiwis watching SA play AUSSIE experience? in our house, we are divided. i want AUSSIE beaten every time, but my husband can't bear the SAs winning (never ever forgiven them for winning the world cup in 95 when we had 4 SAs in our house watching it with us . . . . . oh that HURT), so we are screaming for different teams.

Oh yes! Dan Carter is extremely pleasant on the eye! AND his mother's name is Beverley

Oh lordy Ruth, that must be excruciating!! The Kiwis around us root for SA in those cases ... but maybe they just say that because they know I'm listening! ha ha.

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