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So well written, so true! Who would have thought during all those sad, sad times that you would be celebrated for the drama you went through! AMAZING, how it's changed your life, your work etc! You are to be celebrated! Adore you. xxx

i was a blog virgin until i was led to your blog via a link on my sister inlaw's blog (thanks Simonne). i have been hooked ever since. so, you are this New Zealander living in Aussie's FAVORITE as well. so glad you have started posting again - i missed you, enjoy your moment. x (but NO HUG!)

I'm so happy you listen to my demands :)

You are an inspirational woman, and I have to agree that I'm happy you are back posting a bit more. (I know, I'm one to write that, LOL).


Huge congrats Tertia. That is pretty freaking awesome. BTW, tell Boulder I miss her blog.

That's awesome, T! Especially beautiful that you HAVE your Happily Ever After to celebrate, while still being able to use your experience(s) to reach out to others and make a difference.

And Boulder... I check your blog Every.Single.Day. (sometimes multiple times a day!) just hoping that there will magically be a post from you. Pretty please... won't you update your loyal fans?

That's wonderful!! Congrats! :D
You are an inspiration :D

Awesome!!! Do we need to vote for you somewhere???

Congrats! I wrote a post on my blog about how my family did an about turn after reading your book. My sister should be running for South Africa's infertility ambassador since she read that book. She's like a New Born Infertility Sympathiser. I can't thank you enough for that!

Well Done you old bat! Vproud of you, as always. xo

I saw that and thought it was awesome!

Glad to see you listen to your friends! :)

"Tertia has touched many a lives"

Sorry for my proof reading, but really!

Congrats Tertia!

Wow, has our little PPSer gone far in this world! We're proud of you, Tertia! :) xoxo

Well done Tersh.... am so, so very proud of you.... yes everybody... she is MY friend. hahah!

That's fantastic Tertia. It's also great that you have found your niche in the world and can use your experience to help others. I'm working on being able to say the same one day. For now though the bills call and nappies for twins are expensive so gainful employment is it for now. Unless of course Nurture needs an accountant????

Love your blog.


*squeal* I wrote that! :D

Well done Tannie T, well deserved & thanks for blogging about our campaign.

Congratulations on the nomination! It is great to receive the recognition you so justly deserve. I too have been challenged with getting pregnant and have tried IVF, but the cost where we live is very high so I have looked to other alternatives. this is an article I wrote about infertility.

Congrats for being nominated. I don't have words to speak hmmm.. You are just superb,you are the one who knows in real sense how to face the odds of the life and still stand strongly. The times, the sad events of your past all have been incapable to turn you from getting what you really deserve. Your work means a lot to me as at present my own sister is in the dark gloom of infertility. Even going through the IVF has not worked out;it was for the first time, she is now looking for the second trial.

To speak for so many who do not even speak about the horrible,rolling, monthly, unspeakable- loss of infertility is worth this.
Cathy Jo Cress

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