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This is classic - very good


Too CUTE for words!!! :o) The previous pictures are also GORGEOUS!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your lovely family & your great job!! So happy for you! I think I'm in the 'honeymoon phase' of parenting with the older two just starting out being teenagers (13) & the younger two at the cute (& very creative), but quite responsible age of 9. They give me SO MUCH JOY & Laughs & debates & cheeckiness, etc. --- I just LOVE it! Even if the teens are at the stage where their parents really EMBARRASS them (tee-hee-hee!) by just existing. Shame. I remember when I was at that stage - feeling SO selfconscious all the time!
Keep well my friend XX

Yes, he is. But it was so worth it! How cute is that baby of yours? Goodness me! Total and utter cutness!!

Marko is calling..run Tertia run!!! hahaha poor Max, still cute though :)

Angelic! OK, not so much at 3am... ;)

The shoes are my favourite :-)

He's even smiling like a good ballerina. Priceless.

Little girls are allowed to dress up in cowboy clothes if they want, I say liberate little boys and let them be ballerinas :-)

He is Angelic.

run T, run!!!!

Marko's definitely gonna kill ya!

Oh man that is gorgeous! He really does make a great ballerina!
I'm very tempted to dress Dylan as a princess for this Pirates and Princess party, but I know his father would kill me.

gooooooooooooooooorgeous . . .truly beautiful - and who gives a TOSS that its a fairy outfit? fairies are mag -gick (as my almost 3 year old says)and so is max. this just goes with your uber-liberal other stuff - GOOD ONYA!

OMG That is just too funny! He's going to kill you when he's older for that!

My little brother used to beg me to dress him up like I did. His favorite was a while ballet tutu. He turned out just fine.

Fairies are Mag-gick! He needs a wand tho so he can pass it on to others.

OMG how cute!

hey T, what could be worse than dressing max up as a fairy? easy!!! dressing him as an ALL BLACK. go on, i dare ya. do it next time you guys play us and see what marko does (and get a photo and blog it please . .. better than you tube).

Good blackmail pics for when he is a teenager!

He is just the cutest kid (after mine, if course). This looks like the picture you bore all his dates in high school with...

Too cute for words....I see Marko was very impressed ;) Mine is now at the age where she chooses her outfits and last halloween we did Dracula chick.....not cute anymore :(

LOL Cute as a bug!!
My dd use to dress her baby brother up in all her old clothes. He even slept in some of her pink pajamas!

My little brother was 8 when we made him wear a dress. He lost a game of "Old Maid", so we made him dress up as one! My mom has pictures to prove it...tell me he wasn't excited for us to show them to his wife a few years ago!

Okay, you've totally lost me. Why would Marko be upset about Max playing dress-up?

My son dresses up in his mama's skirts and shoes. He tries to look like a caveman with this tiger print one. Then he uses umbrellas for clubs. Sigh. Man i love my little man. He's so stinking funny it kills me. I'd be lost without him.

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