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Very cool conversation! I love the way you used the opportunity to broaden the scope and incorporate another lesson into it.

I love this post!!

Yes, children don't think families can (or should) ONLY be mom/dad unless that is the message that is reinforced to them. We live in a neighborhood with a lot of gay men (the lesbians are mostly a few neighborhoods away) and like to attend the LGBT Pride Parade and gay-friendly street fairs each summer. Two dads + baby at grocery store? Not so rare.

It's not at all the environment I grew up in. When a same-sex couple holding hands walks down the street, I still notice it in a way I don't notice straight couples being affectionate. I suspect hand-holding fades into the background for my son no matter whose hands are involved. Imagine the world in 20 years if *everyone* grew up feeling comfortable with the full range of human sexuality. (And races, religions, cultures, etc.)

P.S. My best friend and her partner used a sperm donor to have their son. He calls them Mama and Ima (the Hebrew word for "mama).

What a fun and lovely conversation! As a lesbian mom of 3 toddlers I appreciate the fact that you are helping my chilren's peers learn more about diverse families. I am excited for my kids to grow up in an increasingly accepting and affirming global community. It's all of these "little things" that aren't so little that helps. My "little thing" I've been working on is forms you fill out at the doctor, dentist, school, etc. Nearly all of them ask for information on the "mother" and "father". In every case I explain our family situation and ask if they would consider changing their form to read "Parent #1" and "Parent #2" so that it is more inclusive. I have always had a good response from people. I'd encourage others to make the same request whether their gay or not. It's amazing how the little things like seeing your family respected on paper makes you feel.

I love that you are so open and honest with them.

I created a line of fabric based on this idea, that there are all kinds of wonderful and diverse ways of being a family-there is a two papa, two mama, single parent, bi-racial family and more.


Love the honest and kind way you speak with your kiddos.

-long time reader!

One of your best posts ever!

I agree, I love how kids are so accepting of different kinds of families. THEY don't care, so why should anyone else?

Good for you for teaching your children about the differences in families and how they are all totally acceptable. I do the same for my kids. Beats the religious views some of my twins' friends are brought up with.

Religion is great, as long as it does not bash or cause hate towards anyone. Or a fear of earthly wrong doings resulting in an eternity of burning in hell (raised Catholic!)

I have my own and I call it 'Being a Good Person' :) The rules? Be friendly, fair, appreciative, giving, and nurturing. (But NOT walked all over!)

I look forward to your post! I love that children are so innocent and accepting - why do we have to loose that as we grow older?

Have I ever told you that I *love* you?
Now, don't squirm,
Mwah! Big kiss! :-X

My friends, two men, have a son.

He calls one father, Abba (Hebrew). And the other Papa (will probably be shortened to Pop eventually).

Seems easy to me.

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