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All South Africans should be very proud! You have done an amazing job and been wonderful hosts.

All South Africans should be very proud! You have done an amazing job and been wonderful hosts.

Over the last few years of reading your blog I have come to really be amazed at the beauty of your country! Since reading your blog I totally desire to come and visit your country one day!
Here in Canada (or in my city anyways) there has been lots of wonderful things said about South Africa. We have all been amazed at the beauty when we see it on the television. And the lack of violence!
So you should all be VERY proud!!

Dear Tertia, you know I've read your blog since forever and now, every time I see Kaapstad on television, I think of you (with a taste of cherry chapstick). I understand why you're so proud and rightfully so.

My own city is so full of excitement these days: everything is orange, people cheer without reason in the middle of the day... waiting for the final on Sunday.

I'm sure het WK will bring you MANY new visitors in years to come, and I might be just one of them!

Doll face, I'm the lady in Texas, USA that wrote you years ago about being engaged to a South African and the horrible person he turned out to be. Your blog, as I wrote, has served to show me that HE was the only bad thing to come out of SA. But THIS is beautiful! You keep up the pride girl - looks good on you.

I was in your country in 2002 and have to say it is the most beautiful amazing place I have ever been (and that's across 5 continents). I'm thrilled that World Cup has gone so well for you. You have every reason to be proud.

couldn't agree with you more - we really have realised we do like ourselves as a nation - it's a great feeling!

Well done South Africa is right!! A fella that works with my husband went over for a game and said it was AMAZING and everyboby should visit. So happy for you and your lovely country.

I was very moved by your post and had to read it aloud to my wife (and I even interupted her TV show to do it!). She and I both think you and your country should be very very proud. My wife was in South Africa 10 years ago and fell in love. After reading this post she told me I had to write a response to say she felt great passion and love from South African's and she met some of the most amazing people she has ever known there. Here in Canada the press has nothing but great things to say about South Africa. This is South African's time to shine...and it is.


Bet 21st May seems so long ago when you posted:

I am not going to one game, have no desire to. Which makes me feel a little bad. Am excited for SA but not terribly excited on a personal level.

It has been great feeling the vibe come through your posts and others in SA. I could say TOLD YOU SO to so many that did not want to come because they would need a gun and USA vs.England was going to end in terrorist blood bath and what not.

Your country has done itself proud. Hopefully, onwards and upwards with the new infrastructure you've gained due to the WC. Are there trams yet in Blouberg to town?


I felt it! It was awsome! I get a massive lump in my throat to think that it is almost over. I am massively proud of our country. JZ said we can give ourselves a pat on the back, and I am going to!! :-)

I loved reading this. So happy for your country and I can't wait to visit someday with my sister-in-law who lived there for five years.

I'm a new follower... loved your post... and I am South African too, only I live in the USA. We are all proudly South African and so happy this all worked out... we are very proud of the people of South Africa!

Awesome post...My WC moment was when I was stuck in standstill traffic along Koeberg Rd, trying to get home to watch Bafana'a last game and when they scored a goal, the people in their cars around me, went totally nuts..hooters and vuvuzelas were blown, men hanging out their cars and the joy was indescribable. I felt like crying right there and then, was totally magic. Ill never forget that feeling.

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