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Home remedy for splinters: cut a small piece of fresh onion and put it on the splinter and put a bandaid around it. Check it in a few hours. It usually pulls it out or pulls it out enough to get.

A new one I read about that sounds good is putting some Elmers glue on the finger where the splinter is and letting it dry then peeling it off (with the splinter)

Hope it helps!!

Tape on the splinter, might work.

Poor Max! No bottle and a new bed? LOL That's mean! Keep the bottle - but only with water.

I am forever complaining about the joys of a working mom, so I feel for you!
Good luck with the cot, no bottle and the one nap. It sounds like a very tall order... You are brave! ;-)

Soak Adam in the bath right before bed, wrap up the finger so it stays soggy, then get it out while he is asleep.

That's what I do.

Good luck with the rest, may the force be with you xxxx

Hang in there. I know how you're feeling (sometimes). Right now I'm dying to get my babies back from my in-laws. They are with my SIL who is the nanny. But when she goes out of town and I have the babies and Phoebe on my own, ugh! I just want to run screaming.

BTW, loved your post on Marko. I completely understand how you feel. My DH and I have been married for over 15 years and I love him more today than ever. You really summed up a lot of the thoughts I have about my DH. I also am a very strong woman and need a man that doesn't cave to my every whim. He just caves when I get that raving lunatic look in my eye. Oh wait, no he doesn't....

No nanny? The horror! Honestly why can't people plan for emergencies? :-) I feel for you. No help = no life. Here's to hoping Rose is back soon and life settles down a bit (yeah right!)

I feel for you, my friend. Don't kid yourself with getting Max to sleep in his own cot. Daniel and I still co-sleep for most of the night - at least we both sleep that way!

Co-sleeping rocks! Oh, who am I kidding. It doesn't! We have both the babes in bed with us from about midnight onwards. How I LONG for a king size bed!!

Ooh poor Max - maybe you should start with one thing at a time - like only one day-time nap. This will make it easier for you and Max.

I was off from work for one week this month to look after my 3 while our nanny was off to rest/go for therapy/look for another job ..... Oh my Word! Now I need to go for therapy/book myself into an institution/buy one-way ticket to somewhere! How she does it I DON'T KNOW - I nearly burst into tears when she came back to work. Time for school to start. You have my sympathy - good luck!

Well, here I am, miles away, living in the USA and well, I'm totally jealous.
Having a nanny here is only something the rich and powerful get the opportunity to enjoy. Though we do have daycare centers, a nanny is such a blessing! I have felt your pain on the bottle and the bed. My youngest is 5 now and she still tries to sneak into our bed at night. Break the cycle now! Stay strong!
My son had tons of trouble with speech as he started school. They blamed it on the bottle and the pacifier..who knew that it inhibited their ability to use their tongues correctly when speaking??
I also wanted to let you know I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts. My husband and I only just found your blog last week. When he sent it to me, I almost cried I laughed so hard and appreciated so much of your honesty and reality!
Keep blogging! Keep sharing! You give us women who think like you a little bit of hope that we aren't the only ones out there!

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