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So sweet to see elderly folks like you so happy together. ;)

I also love my asshole husband like you love yours :-)

hear, hear! so brilliantly put. one of your best

Yup mines an arsehole to, but adore him, even when he makes me wanna react episodes of the series "When women Kill"!! hehehe... Loved your book (circulating it among family and friends) and love your blog! Thanks for sharing your story and for being so real :-)

What a lovely tribute.
I was wondering if there was any possibility of the interview he did about trying to conceive, being translated into English?
A long shot I know, as who has the time to do such a thing?
Best wishes. xxxx

I think you speak on behalf of a lot of ladies here, Tertia. Although we love our DH's to bits & pieces, there are times when you could quite easily smother him in his sleep... My Mom always say there's a fine line between love and dislike. This is a lovely tribute to Marko!

What a pleasure to read! Sitting here grinning. I am also not one ot those "over-tender-sweet-fondle-girls". :-) But this is ok for him. And after 18 years of marriage I know that my husband is my best friend. Sometimes I kind of "hate" him. We have our fights. But HE is the only one I want to be married to.

I read your post while I chatted with my Marco. :-) He is on a business trip. Called him a whimp for something that did not have to do with this post. Then we agreed that true love is possible between men only. I guess he will come home anyway.

So, yes... assholes can be true darling husbands.

Brilliant, excellent post - it's Vintage Tertia. Love it! :-D

This is a wonderful post, and I absolutely get what you're saying. It's possible to be both madly in love with a person and still be able to acknowledge when said person is being an asshole.

Lovely post.

I have to admit that after reading your post the thing that popped out the most for me was, "You have to wake your kids?!!!!" (clearly I missed the entire point the first time around :-) Asside from being jealous that your kids aren't waking you up at 5:30 am as my 3 toddlers are I was very touched by your post. I am quite certain many many married people have not found what you (and I) have. A true life partner is an amazing thing. I've heard that families with multiples have a much higher divorce rate and I can certainly say after having multiples myself I can understand why. Only people with a very strong relationship can make it through and it sounds like you guys not only survived, but came out stronger in the end. Well done - I know how much work that must have taken!

You have said this all before - lots of times. Great that you can say it about someone and for someone. Not everyone can say it.


Really not everyone can say it.Amazing.

What a g & d post. Fantastic.
Just a few more months!

While creating husbands, God promised women that good and ideal husbands would be found in all corners of the world.

And then God made the earth round....

God clearly has a sense of humour! :)

It is no use doing what you like,you have got to like what you do.Do you think so?

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