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Yay....you go girl!

yeah tertia!
now...can you find me some sperm to make some babies as clever and cute as my son?

As we celebrate our first Father's Day, I can only say we are beyond lucky and incredibly happy to have you and the Nurture team part of our lives!!!

Awwww :)

MFA Mama stole my comment.

My best friend and her partner have a 3-year-old son, who announced in music class yesterday "I no have a father. I have a donor." I love it that technology and generous people make it possible for same-sex couples to become parents too.

That made me tear up.

You guys are miracle workers, and touch so many lives profoundly. You literally make dreams come true. <3

Well done Tertia. Well done Nuture. And well done to all the donors and surrogates. :-)

Oh Tertia, this brought tears to my eyes. I know a few same sex couples who would make excellent parents.

Made me cry

So cool,does make all the hard work worth it

You and your Nurture team are doing very important work. I love that more and more people have the opportunity to become parents and to have families if they want. Daddies are obviously VERY important as our 3 year old has recently started calling my lesbian partner "Daddy". She calls me "mommy" and my partner "Ada" (long story), but now she calls her "my Ada-Daddy". Good thing my partner could care less and takes it all in stride.

You must be so proud! It's amazing to be able to make such a big difference in people's lives.

Awesome!!!! Happy Father's Day to all the new Daddies you've helped!

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