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ok!! i'm still here!
Never undermine the quickie!

Okay! We'll take whatever we can get :)


Miss you!


But you knew that, right? :)

I am the .3 reader, and only because your post title was misleading. LOL

You're looking for perfection, darling - the perfect time to write the perfect post.

We're just looking for action. We'll take anything you've got to give.

We've become like Marko, I think.... Except we don't get coupons to turn in, damn it.

(Kisses to Marko for putting up with my analogy.)

Fine, just fine.

I would LOVE to be able to have a kid! I'd give up blogging & the rest of the social networking world just to be able to finally overcome infertility and have just one child, that's for sure.

Darling, you average about 1 post a week. That's a damn fine number. Your obligation is to your own sanity. Between here, Facebook, and Twitter, I never feel as though I'm missing out. Let yourself relax, we all love whatever you can give.

@Holly B - Four years ago I felt the same way as you. I wish that someone could have told me that I would some day have a baby! I had been trying to have a baby for 5 years.

Fast forward four years, after four IUIs and four IVF's, I finally had my baby girl - a dream come true! Then we went back for IVF no. 5 and I had another baby girl - two dreams come true!

I don't know if you'll read this but I wish you the best of Luck. Don't give up - it can and will happen.

There's an idea for you Tertia - a post that encourages everyone to share their success stories with those still hoping.

Short posts are great! Sometimes I don't have time to read the long ones!

Short or long posts don't matter, just as long as you post! :)

Always love hearing from you; will never stop checking. Short on time myself...

Take care of yourself and your family first! Maybe it's time for you to move on. It was an amazing run, and we'll miss you dreadfully, but... hey ... Write a second book instead, eventually, and we'll buy it.

I know what you mean about busy. I haven't even gotten into using Twitter because I'm afraid it will take up the little time I do have.

Still love you and check blog daily! bring the kiddies to Scallywags with Rose and your laptop and work while your kiddies play! xxx

Congrats on your new phase of life:) Enjoy!

I don't check you that often anymore; just checked today because I'm catching up on all my internets after a week off (fab vacay in Hawai'i). And I've checked you more often lately because I'm checking Karen now too, and I always associated you two in my head. I stopped reading awhile ago after I left in a huff about one of your posts. Don't even remember what it was now, isn't that like an old couple? An old couple where one of us knows the other but not vice versa.

I tried Twitter but am not interested in little snips of people's lives. I like the whole shebang instead.

Busy is nice, but exhausting. But would love to hear thought-provoking quickies!

I'm still here!

IU think you write less because you're a lot happier than you used to be. Writing started out as this very urgent source of relief for you, back in the bad old days of infertility treatments, because you were in so much pain.

Then writing also became a source of self-esteem and confidence for you: you realized you were good at it, and that your writing helped and entertained others.

But now your life is so full of joy and other very rewarding work that you don't need to write as much as you used to.

I think this is why great artists are usually not the happiest people: if your life is completely satisfying, you probably don't feel a compelling need to reproduce it in some other form.

Hey, I work full time (and then some) and am a mom for one 4 year old. I''m lucky if I update my blog twice a year.

Write when you can, what you can. I subscribe via Bloglines, so I get the updates regularly. I'm glad that you're busy, happy and successful! I wish you more of the same. :)

As my husband says...I'll take whatever you give me.

Still here. And enjoying your FB updates. (It's cool to me that while I watch the World Cup on TV I've actually been following someone who lives there all the time.)

Okay with me - thanks for saying hello whenever you have a few minutes. And best wishes for your family, the business, work and taking time for yourself now and then.

Yes never undermine the quickie.Its better than nothing.

we are so in the same boat! if we were married, my blog would have divorced me long ago for neglect of duties!

Still here. Always here. For whatever I can get. My life is boring and empty so I have to get my kicks from other people's lives. Not really, but while I wait the hundred million years and countless disasters it is taking to have a baby, my life feels rather sad and pointless (even though I do have a very wonderful but annoying husband to distract me in the meantime. It was also his birthday yesterday on the 19th. When he is not being an arsehole he is really rather special and lovable. I felt very sad yesterday that another year has gone by and my poor husband is not yet a dad. He would be the very very best dad ever).

I'll always keep checking in, but love to read what you have to share. I would always love to hear more about your work at Nurture. I'm sure you're constrained by confidentiality, but interesting stories and thoughts are always welcome! (I loved your tweet today from the two daddies!)

Love a quickie....way less time consuming and have time for quickies any day....lol....good to see you still around

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