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We go with four bucks for the first one (but I'm in Canada, so that means two SHINY coins, which is fun)

Congratulations, Adam!

we give somewhere between $2 and $5 but if the tooth is dirty, you get new toothpaste and toothbrush.

We used to give R5 a tooth to Branston and later R10 for a big one but that was a few years ago so I'm guessing with inflation it would go up to R10 and R20:)

How exciting or Adam! My kids get $5 per tooth.

Wow...I am a cheapskate...my son usually gets $1...I have also given him a book before.

Mine get $1 per tooth, but they are almost done with loosing teeth. Only thing to think about is that they will be loosing 20 teeth - and both my kids went in spurts where they lost 3-4 teeth in a couple of weeks. I didn't want to be handing out too much money at once. We do dollar coins, so thats a novelty to them.

My kids haven't lost any yet, but when they do I plan to give them a dollar. Probably a silver dollar to make it something special, but I'm not about to toss money at kids who don't know the differnce between a penny and a quarter!

My son gets $5 a tooth. That seems to be the norm in my area. The first tooth though, that one is special! That one pays more. My son (and most kids I know around my area) got $10 for the first one.

One of my daughters lost a tooth today too. (And her twin sister is just like Kate - trying to act like she does not care, but wants her tooth to be wobbly too.) I still am not sure what to give, and they are both asleep. I am thinking between $2 and $5. On my way to get some money...

My son is jealous of your son. Good post - I had no idea how much to give when we get there.

As many coins as possible in our house - so we fill up their "tooth fairy boxes" with coppers - they don't care much about the value - as long as there are "lots and lots of monies".

I gave Bryce R5.00. Knowing it was the first of many, I didn't want to get ahead of myself. ;-)

Well done Adam!

R20 is a fair amount! :D
Another milestone...

I give R10 per tooth. And like you say, it does not matter to them how much they get, as long as the tooth mouse have visited.

I plan to give $1(US) per tooth.

$5 a tooth?? Holy cow, that's crazy talk. I'd be going with one dollar. If I had kids, that is.

Wow - does he ever look like Marko in that picture!!

I think your assessment of the value of a tooth is spot on!

$1 american dollar in coin form.

I don't have kids but I would say US $5 for the first tooth and then $1 for each tooth from then on. The first one is the biggest deal and after that the novelty has worn off. (Or at least that's how it was for me...)

My son lost his first tooth in England, so we gave him 1 pound. For his second tooth, back in the U.S., we gave him $1.

We give $5 for the first tooth or if a tooth is lost while on vacation. After that it is only a dollar per tooth.

When my daughter lost her first tooth, a friend had got R20 so we followed with the same amount. Then I saw her looking in the mirror with her mouth open pointing to each tooth saying "twenty, fourty, sixty, eighty..." and I did the maths too. So we said R20 for the first tooth and R10 for the second and R5 for the rest. Do the maths (and in your case multiply by 3). Its a costly affair .....

Go, Adam. We have some gold colored 1 dollar coins that are more collectables in the US. We got a roll of those from the bank and we use them for the tooth fairy. First kids love them cause they are gold! Woo hoo! And then it's nice because they are not for spending, but collecting. My DH is a coin collector and it's a great way for him to get our kids started with that too.

My kids haven't got to that stage yet but I would say R20 sounds good.

When my nephew lost his first tooth he was so excited he brought it to Grandma's house to show her. She told him she'd match whatever the Tooth Fairy gave him! He called her the next day to tell her he got 5 Euro so she gave him another 5 Euro! Just for the first tooth though, otherwise Grandma and the Tooth Fairy would be broke!

Look at that face Mom, he is the Bomb!

$2.50 sounds reasonable with inflation. I think I got $1 back in my day!

I emailed you, but I'm sure you get a bazillion emails, so I'm following up with a comment. I want to have a giveaway on my blog of some infertility books, and I have yours in the bunch. Would you mind if I include it in the giveaway?

Already? Our son is the same age as yours. I am not ready for a lost tooth. I really do not know how much to give either. Glad you posted this. I am thinking a $1 coin, we have a couple different ones to choose from in the US. Can hardly believe Adam lost a tooth. Good for him. I was hoping for another year or two until our son lost one. *sigh*

Did he get his teeth earlier that Kate? I've heard that there is a corrolation with when you get and lose them. My boys were late teethers, so thinking they might not lose them until age 7 or so?

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