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Ever since my Mom passed away over 30 years ago, Mother's Day has been kind of blah for me; even after becoming a Mom myself.

This year, my step-mother (of 28 years) is in the hospital with end-stage lung disease. There is faint hope that she may come home again, but I'm not so sure.

On the brighter side, my adult daughter is coming over tonight to cook me dinner (and clean up!)

Even with just one baby, I agree that alone time for me is the most precious thing.

So so with you on the time thing. I would choose it any day of the week. Today I even dumped my kids for 15 mins with a friend while I went to the supermarket to pick up supplies for our Mothers Day picnic, just to have 15 mins alone (husband away). I do love my kids very much - most especially when they are asleep like now ;-). However each Mothers Day for me is special with my Mum now - 4 years ago this week she was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and while it went away for a while it's made a huge re-entry this week. So for me Mothers Day this year is more about my mum than being a mum and I hope to say the same next year and for many years to come.

I feel like my partner should be helping out around the house EVERY day - that doing the dishes shouldn't be something special, or a gift. We need clean dishes. And when he helps out, I try not to say "thanks for helping me out" because that makes it seem like he's doing something that I alone should be doing, or that he's doing me a favor, like I'm falling down on the job; really, he's doing something that benefits everyone, something that we all have to do. Instead of saying thanks, I'll say "we have clean dishes now!" And that IS the reward!

That said, I'd still rather receive a helping hand instead of something material.

I asked to sleep in. With a wake-y 4 month old, I haven't gotten up after 5am for a LONG time. Hubbie did the 5:30 wake up & took baby & dog out for a long walk. I woke to sun streaming on my face instead of howling through the baby monitor. I need nothing else.
BLISS!!! I will always prefer the gift of time over anything you can buy in a florist or chocolate shop :)

time with my family: with all my kids together in one place, a pot of coffee, a simple meal, and time time time to talk and bond and dream and share the day away. and somewhere on that day, to spend a quiet moment to remember the daughter and sister whom we lost all those years ago, and the good sense to be grateful that we have had each other for the wonderful years thus far.

I chose time to myself, for half the day.

Oh I hear you loud and clear. I got spoilt today, but would much rather have had Lance get his butt out of bed to clean up the puppy poo in the kitchen this morning :(

I do love time to myself. It doesn't mean I don't love my kids, but they are very young and life is very busy and rushed these days. I don't get a lot of time to just ... be. Having a few moments makes it easier to then come back and be a happy mom enjoying my wonderful gifts (children) rather than caught up in the moment. So, i would take dishes. Any day. Actually, now that I think about it, my husband did wash some dishes today, so there you go! And did a bunch of other "service"-y sorts of things, and tried to keep the kids off my hands, and I got out for a lunch on my own yesterday. At this stage the reality is never going to live up to the imagined hopes, because small children are just too busy and life is too busy, but it was a good show considering.

I just did the dishes. But I am particular about how they dishes are loaded in the dish washer and there were a lot. My daughter cooked dinner last night and I got 2 pair of pajamas this morning! I already put one on.

To answer you, I'd rather have a service - but not the dishes!

I'd like a gift to be honest. Call me a bitch but I expect my husband to do his share around the house and he does (he does load the dishwasher... we all have our chores). I like to have the feeling of being honored for a day. Not everyday. Rarely is fine but it puffs me all up when I get it. Things are tight, I don't expect a big or expensive gift. I got a new mousepad with my kids picture on it and I am very happy with that.

A clean house, so I can go to the movies with my now all grown up baby girl!

Since I'm doing this mothering thing solo, what I'd really want on this day would just be the chance to sleep in! Just once! (as it hasn't happened in a whole year, since my baby was born last May...) I'm soooo sleep deprived, and I just want someone else to do all the wake-ups during the night, and let me get a full night's sleep!

Yes! take all the kids AWAY for at LEAST 2 hours. Mommy needs some peace & quiet

My DH took baby off to the lounge when he woke up and let me sleep in, then he made breakfast, cleaned up and looked after baby most of the day. BLISS!! BUT he says next time he will buy me a gift, he is exhausted!!! Good for them to know what we have to do every day without complaint!

I got THREE books:

Eat, Pray, Love
The Kite Runner
A Splendid Thousand Suns

AND time to start reading. For me a mom of VERY VERY BUSY 5-year old triplets this is the MOST AWESOME gift ever.

Oh time - alone time, any day.

Service over a gift anytime!! Not so much alone time... (I work full day; when I close the door of my office, I have all the alone time I want :-). But I do appreciate it Very Much when my husband and child give me a couple of hours to sleep in, any day, in the morning...

Time to myself would be my choice!

Time alone would be heavenly! Would definitely take over flowers.

Last night, husband asked me if I could rather read to the kids, or wash my son's baseball uniform that he needed for today. It was late, I was tired. He did offer to do both, in honor of mother's day, but he was tired too.

I felt guilty that I was sorely tempted to pick laundry over reading. All those years I longed to be a mother, and I almost chose to go to the cold icky basement and wash dirty clothes over cuddling with my girls. So I chose reading, even though I hate the fairy books my girls adore right now. Okay, I hate laundry more than almost any chore, and that weighed heavily in the equation.

I love my kids, but it is heavenly to just be alone sometimes!

Sleeping in.. not having to cook or clean ANYTHING all day!

Dishes all the way! (clean house...dinner...nap! Perfect day!)

Yes please take all 3 kiddies away for some alone time!!!!!!!!!!
I love them dearly, but it would be the ultimate gift for some peace...

Spa time, so I guess that would be both a gift and a service. I have never been to a spa, but just the thought of getting pampered all over sounds very relaxing. Hope you enjoyed your mother's day.

I took my wife and 2 kids away for the a weekend away in the mountains. We packed the car up and headed off, 2 1/2 hours later we were there. After settling in, warming up in front of the fire place and putting our 7 year old to bed, my wife and I opened a bottle of wine and watched our 18 month old girl explore her new surroundings. Unfortunately for us she tripped near the fire place and put both hands on the outer metal casing of the wood fire. We ended up in the hospital until 2:30am with our little girl suffering 2nd degree on both palms and fingers. We have to go to the hospital every 3 days to get the wounds redressed for the next 2-3 weeks. Thankfully she will make a full recovery with no scarring. It will be a Mothers day weekend that will never be forgotten for all the wrong reasons.

My fiance and I help each other out around the house all the time, so to me, that's not a "gift." I do, however, thank him every time he does a chore, and he does likewise. Expressing appreciation to each other is really important to us.

My cat, who has excellent taste, bought me Sugar Lychee perfume from the Fresh Cosmetics store for Mother's Day. She has excellent taste. She may very well be the only child we ever have (unless we get a puppy) since I have Endometriosis, etc.

Mother's Day was hard for me, especially because it was the first one without my much-beloved grandmother, who died this past March. That, combined with the depressing impending fertility issues makes it a really emotional day for me. I don't really feel comfortable sharing that much though because when I tried to post an article on my blog that helped express my feelings, some of my Mommy friends got defensive. I am sincerely glad they come from a place where they can't possibly understand how I feel -- I wouldn't wish Endo/infertility on anyone -- and I most certainly don't want their pity, but I sure wish sometimes they were capable of a smidgen more compassion.

My husband does the dishes just about every day. I do the laundry. And he takes over every day when he comes home from work so I can have an hr or two to myself. He's upstairs right now bathing the twins while I'm here typing on the computer and drinking a beer. My husband didn't do anything that he doesn't normally do on Mother's day, but he did trace all three of their little hands and made a beautiful card for me. I cried. Since the boys aren't in school yet, I haven't gotten any of the little hand print gifts/cards that mom's usually have by this time. I'm going to have to frame that card so I have their little hands forever. It was incredibly thoughtful, and I don't have the faintest idea when the sneaky bugger got it done. Now I'm going to have to do something equally thoughtful and sweet for Father's Day. Bugger.

You write good articles, I will always be concerned about

love your mother everday and ever time..dont waste it.

My hubby did try to make it all very special but our daughter had just been released from the hospital with second degree burns to both hands, we had an extra 3 kids who weren't behaving all the nicely and all in all I think I just wanted to go back to bed.

Former infertile here who now has a son. My Mother's Day gift every year is having the day to myself. I leave and go out to lunch, shop, work out, whatever my little heart desires without a small someone asking me 8 billion questions.

I don't feel bad at all that I enjoy spending my MD alone. I spent 10 years waiting for my sweet son, and 364 days a year I'm extremely aware of how blessed I am. I don't have the normal complaints other moms do because I realize how close we came to having no blessing at all.

That said, motherhood is HARD! And I reward myself to one day a year all to myself! And boy do I wring as much joy out of that day as I can!

So service over flowers. But the service can be done in my absence, than you very much.

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