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would love to organize a fundraiser here in nebraska! Can u mail me a brochure or some info?

Is there any way to donate by pay pal? Fees for transferring bank to bank defeat the purpose.


Hi Tertia,
Please can you find out the swift number of their bank, their physical address etc for international donations?
Many thanks,

I have just cleaned out cupboards and have LOADS of stuff (clothes, toys) to drop off at Playzone - will do so over the weekend!

Such a lump in my throat now..
I'll give Bev a call today, we have LOADS of stuff to donate!

I would be happy to make a donation but as Kerry said, we need some additional details for international donations.

very poor this month but just paid them some money. by the way, I love it when you tell us about worthwhile charities like this - you save us the time of vetting them, and you make it very easy by giving the bank details. Maybe this could be a once a month thing? Say, just after pay day? :)

I've never donated internationally. Do you wire money to the account listed, or can it be done through my bank in the US?

im happy you helping poor kids..and stand the charity..

Is there a way to send some clothing, toys, etc. here from the U.S.? If you give us the mailing address, can we send it to Bev at KidZone to bring over to them?

Would it be possible to set up a paypal account for them? I know it is difficult from SA so perhaps one of your US readers could volunteer and then transfer a lump sum? It would make things a whole lot easier...

interesting post! helping him to bring in the cattle and attend to the evening chores.

Maybe set up a Google Checkout account for donations from the US?

awww... its so good to know that there are places like this in our country and that there are people who are trying to make a difference. http://tip2top.co.za

I am Spanish and I think it would be best to create an account for donations. Good luck and greetings from Spain.

Hi, my comment does not have to do with your post today, but as I visited this family's blog, my heart is so tight, in pain for this parents. So I decided to do something and leave this comment on all the blogs I read... I don't know if it will or not, but I wish I could do something. As a mom, I can't imagine being separated from my baby, please sign te petition... I'm so hertbroken for this family! Maybe if we spread the word in the blogsphere... maybe something good will happen soon. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/return-dominic-johansson-to

I have found that GlobalGiving.com is a good service for South African charities seeking international donations. It is easy to set up and charges 15% for the service (which includes promotion in a website and various fundraising tools like targets and ways to track donors).

It serves mainly small charities. I've donated to a couple through it and it was easy.


I think you will become a leisure writer after I read your blog. May you are. Good luck with you.

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