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welcome back, get that inbox down to around 400 and then post us some details :)

Pray do tell - where could one go on holiday with 3 children and still have fun???? I need to find this place!

I'm visiting from Blogtrepreneur's list of Top 50 Mommy Blogs, great blog!

come on man, how long does it TAKE to do 5 loads of washing? and who answers EMAILS. we want the goss. STAT. (P.S. WELCOME BACK)

congrats to you many emails in your inbox strat reading

Can't really wait for your updates. I wish you well always no matter how many loads of laundry you have.

Not trying to be rude or anything (really am not), but I do feel as though it needs to be said : Sure, your blog is not your life, but you have achieved a lot in life through it, no? So based on that, don’t you feel you owe your loyal readership more than just the odd posting here and there? I feel like you keep leaving me hanging…

I hope you have something in the pipeline soon?

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