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I have heard fabulous things about Umngazi. Am hoping to go at some stage - you know, since we live in Durb's........

Sounds like you had a stunning time.


He-he! Holidaying is different with kids! :D

It sounds like a fabulous vacation.

In America, a plant in a pot is called a potted plant. A pot plant is marijuana. Call me crazy, but I think it's more appropriate for children to give their mother wine than pot.

We went to Umngazi pre-kids and loved it and at the end of the year we are going with our kids (2 and 4). Can't wait as it is an awesome spot - whether you have kids or not. I will definitely be using the nanny service at night as there is only so much macaroni cheese and fish fingers and chips one can have for dinner!

Sounds like a fun trip minus the puking in the car thing. We don't have nannies at hotels in the states that I know of. I think they have daycare like places at some casinos, though.

I laugh that you went to the grocery store when your cupboards were bare. We would have just gone out to eat. You don't talk about eating out much. Dark at 630 stinks. I hate it when it gets dark so early.

"constipated rhino with a thorn in its foot"


I will get a full day of giggles from that line...thank you!

Being Amercian, I literally laughed out loud over the no wine, but a pot plant was acceptable. :)

Yes, I too chuckled at receiving a pot plant!

As per usual I had a wonderful chuckle while reading your blog!!! You and your family are hilarious!! Think positive atleast Adam hadn't been eating Niknaks - my son did that on our last holiday and my car seats are still orange!!!! Welcome back and please remember we like LONG posts like this one to read with our coffee :)

Glad your trip was so great!

so i'm going to assume by your lack of moaning about how difficult for you it was that marko did not get laid? ;-)

wow, this is like old times. waking up way too early and having a Tertia fix while i wait for the coffee to magically brew itself.
missed you - hope this is the start of a return to the good old one-a-day posts. you perform a serious social function - have you considered registering as a charity or a non-profit organisation (not sure how those things work taxwaise in SA - but they work well here in OZ) for all the sanity your blog helps preserve (altho that statement should not be too thoroughly investigated seeing as how nutso some of us are).

Max one!! Good grief!!

Did you see Tim in the Argus? Looking pretty stoopid, I must say. I think he has my shaped eyes, they look sad most of the time, like a bassett hound. But he is still a cutie. As you say - I am terribly fond of him...

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