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I agree, yay for grandparents :)

I second the "yay for Grandparents!!!" And a woo-woo for good measure. :D Oh, our McD's here in the states has some tasty (and pretty healthy) salads that I get on our McD's trips. Love the Southwestern and Asian!

Ah, wonderful grandmothers. I still love hanging out with my grandmother, and I'm 27. She's also "Mimi."

You can actually buy a happy meal toy without buying a happy meal... Just ask for the toy. :)

You definitely have the correct outlook: "Yay for grandparents!" and yay for all the love in Kate's life! She's very lucky she has so many people who love her so much! I also wanted to concur with just buying the Happy Meal toy. I used to work at McDonald's when I was in high school.

Girls days rock - but Grandparents rock MORE. :-)

Sounds like an amazing day!

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