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i had a reduction about 17 years ago, and i have NEVER regretted it for a minute! even with quite a lot of scarring, i still feel better about myself.

i have never heard about reduction with implants. but mine was a reduction without implants, and i'm happy.

I have had several close friends get reductions and implants were never even suggested. They all say getting the reduction was one of the best decisions they ever made.

I had a reduction about 2.5 years ago. I have wonderful, perky, still large but not INSANE like they were, breasts, without implants, and I would never imagine a decent surgeon needing to use them to get a good look for me. That said, maybe her breasts are very fatty rather than tissue dense? Mine are very tissue dense and so structuring something perky was not a problem. I love, love, love mine, can't imagine adding to them!

I've never heard of this implant with reduction thing. I had a reduction (as you know), it's been great, and I have no idea why anyone would want implants with it. The reduction makes things all perky on its own.

I have never heard of reduction and implants (even small ones) at the same time. I feel she needs to trust her doc. If after a couple of months she still feels that implants are necessary then she can make a plan at that point.

I had a reduction 16 yrs ago and know many others who got them too. Best thing evah!!!! I don't know anyone who got implants at the same time. My breasts are still perky, I don't even have to wear a bra and I am still quite large - 38Dish. I do wear a bra but if I don't... no saggy saggy!

I just can't imagine anyone needing implants. Unless the do the reduction and then want the bigger boobies back again...?

That friend of Colleen who has broken up with me had implants and a reduction and her boobs looks gorgeous. She had a gastric bypass and then later the boob thing. Maybe it is a more recent thing?

I have two close friends who have had breast reductions without implants. One ended up with absolutely gorgeous boobies. The other's boobs are a little saggy, but less so than before. Both are very happy. Best of luck to your friend with the surgery.

I am a mammogram tech and I have seen a lot of breast surgery patients-both implants and reductions- but I have never seen a reduction with implants. My advice would be to have the reduction first and then if she's not happy with the results, go with the implants. I don't think I have ever had a patient that wasn't thrilled with their reduction! Hope this helps.

Are you sure you don't mean a breast lift (with small implants?, as I'm not sure there is such a thing as a reduction with an implant?!) Anyway, this is a very personal & complex question, and all depends on the person (and their breasts) in question and the surgeon performing the op.. Different docs prefer different methods. Different women prefer different looks - tear drop versus tennis ball etc etc. One way or another she needs to be happy with her doc and her decision!

My best advice (that I have recently followed myself!) is to ask women who you know have had the op (and like the way they look!) who they went to.. you'll hear the same names coming up again and again after a while, and then go and shop around - docs who are happy to consult and chat about their ideas and your breasts specifically are important (also I'm not sure if costs are also a factor) and she'll get a 'feel' for what she wants after a while! I know it seems like high admin but these are HER BREASTS after all - and she'll love them all the more, the more she's thought about exactly what she wants!

Sorry for the essay - a topic very close to my heart!!! ;-)

My good friend had a breast reduction, and she wanted half implants at the same time but her surgeon had her wait. It's been nearly two years, and she wants the half implants more than ever (I don't know why she calls them half. I think they are half the size and meant to just fill up the bottom and give the breasts a little more "umph"). It is probably best that she waited though, as her breasts have changed tremendously from when she first had the reduction. Over the first six months she lost another full cup size, what with swelling going down and all.

So anyhow, yes, I've heard of breast reduction with implants, and I think your friend should probably wait, since everyone responds differently to a surgery like that, and she may not need them. And honestly, recovering from such a traumatic surgery as breast reduction, I wouldn't think it would be the best idea to add a foreign object in there. Just one more thing for her body to to deal with. It's a pain in the arse to come back later and get implants, but getting implants is not such big deal. At least, it wasn't for me, but I had mine through my belly button (TUBA method), so super easy, quick recovery, no scars.

I am all over the place with this post. Probably no help at all, sorry!

My husband is a plastic surgeon and his comments were that he has done it, but it is risky in terms of the results and long term complications. The reason being is that the one part of the op aims to make the breasts smaller and the other bigger, so you are doing two contrasting things at the same time, which means the possibility of not getting the result you want is much greater. If one has endless money then the best thing is to do the reduction first and implants at a later stage if necessary. The reduction will give her a "lift" anyway. He doesn't want to put your friend off though, but it is a controversial thing amongst the plastic surgeons. If she's in CT then he says Dr Jannie Barnard tends to do this a lot (his trademark he says) so not sure if she's going to him or someone else.

I had a mastoplexsy "boob lift" but because my breast tissue was very floppy and "non-elastic" my surgeon suggested small implants. His reason was that if I wanted rounded firmer boobs that was the route to go because even if he lifted my boobs they would still be all soft and mushy. I opted for the small implants and now have a size bigger cup size than before - I am not happy - so you friend must be careful to do all at once is my advice.

I had a breast reduction 25 years ago, I went from a 38E to a 36B - no implants. My daughter had a breast reduction last year (2 kilos removed) and went from a 38G to a 36C - no implants. I think that the minute they are smaller they seem to automatically be a bit more perky.

My mother was ultimately happy with her breast reduction (they took a bit of time to settle in, and they were actually bigger than she thought they would turn out). She did not get implants (the surgeon never mentioned anything about them) and probably would have been a bit peeved if she had.

LOVED my breast reduction 20 years ago and they are still perky - no implants needed, when they lift and re-position the nipple, they remove extra tissue and push what you have upward. It was the best thing I ever did besides have kids!

My friend had a reduction without implants and hers look great. I don't even think the doctor suggested implants to her.

I had a reduction in 2001 and they still look very good and natural. I did not get the suggested implants, which are popular in Texas, where big is better becasue that was not the look I was going for and To be honest I did not want to bother having implants replaced.
The current medical advice is that breast implants should be replaced every 10 years and to be honest I went from a very large breast size down to a very nice size B cup and I could not see having surgery on a routine basis for this.

I used to work for a plastic surgeon in Dallas. Our happiest patients were women getting reductions. My Dr never did implants with a reduction, however he would frequently do a lift with implants. The purpose of the implants with a lift was to provide volume to replace what mother nature had taken away. The majority of reductions do not need an implant, they have plenty of volume (which is why they are getting a reduction). I would not think that your friend would need implants. Wishing her the best of luck and tell her to have fun shopping!! A reduction opens you up to all sorts of new choices in clothing!

interesting post! I wouldn't think it would be the best idea to add a foreign object in there. Just one more thing for her body to to deal with.

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