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We have family friends who have twins that are five years older than their brother. The twins are now in University, and the single child says "the kids" are coming home for the weekend!


I can relate. I never referred to my twins as "the twins" until A was born. Now I have caught myself not only calling them 'the twins' but thinking of them as 'the twins' as well. Like (in my head as I take a shower) "I will need to bring the twins to the touch a truck day, but I wonder if A can stand the noise of all the horns?" and I never used to think that way. Fortunately for us, our twins are both boys and our baby is a girl, so we still often say "The boys and A".

My cousins are a set of twins and it is a very special bond, I think something only twins can understand. They say it is really like having another half, your life is just shared with this other person, the thought of not having it that way is just alien to them. I can not imagine carrying two (urgh, I'm on 38 weeks with one and it's killing me, the thought of another one is frightening!) and the first year or two must be beyond tough, but I think twins (=multiples) are just still the most amazing thing. But then again, so is just one little angel...

You are so blessed. :) They are adorable.. :)

Marko has my total sympathy. The worst food poisoning I ever had was thanks to Spur. Ended up with a tour of Constantiaberg hospital's emergency room.

I try not to refer to my girls as the triplets - but unfortunately when friends or family see them they always say "AWESOME HERE COME THE TRIPLETS!" The one condition of acceptance to the Rainbow Montessori school was that they were to be split into 3 separate classrooms for their 3-6 year as they noticed during their assessment that they functioned as one unit. I tried to convince the principal that this was maybe not such a good idea but she insisted - and she was right. They are 3 individuals and should be treated as such, I now see how they are developing individually and hopefully when they move on to their 6-9 year and are then in the same class their different personalities will come to light. Unfortunately/fortunately as they are in different classes they now have different friends and are invited to parties on their own - it was a difficuilt learing curve but after the first "she is not in your class party" or "it is not your classes outing today only your sisters" they seem to have accepted that they cannot always do things together.

You were right to tell Adam he cannot go to the party - I get many of "those" types of invitations too and I now also have the rule "not in your class, not your party", unless it is a good friend they play with after school hours.

Fortunately for Marko Spur will show the rugby.

You are right to let them have their own time for parties,etc.Wish more parents would realise this and not always asume siblings are also invited.Makes the child invited to the party feel it's their special time /outing.
3 kids are a handful...i did warn you and yes ,I also categorize mine...big kids,little kids,etc

I wish my son's twin had survived. It would have made for some interesting times! I think treating them as individuals is so important and you've got the right idea!

I cannot believe how big Max is getting..the time has just flown by:)
If only it were that easy to just find a baby in your drawer!

Well done on all the posts (Hee Hee - atleast now I can enjoy my coffee and think I am actually working i.e in my brain as long as I am behind my desk and focussed on my computer screen I am working !!!!!!)

The photos are gorg!!!!

I don't know what you are going to say about aftercare but I had guilt last year about sending my child right up until the aftercare teacher told me just how much fun they have in aftercare - my child cannot wait for afternoons when his sister is busy with sport and he can go to aftercare !!! So my advice - feel NO MORE GUILT they love it !!!!!!!!

We have "The Boys" and "The Baby" :) Our boys are 2 years apart, but they are still learning that they can't do EVERYTHING together. Love your pictures...jealous of the weather!

inciting siventures - that's priceless! My 3-year old nephew refers to the bannisters as the beranda as in "look, aunty Jeanne, I'm climbing up the [outside of!] the beranda!". After meals he also requests banaartjies.

pssss T, you havent put the baby's pic on the header. just the twins ;)

hahaha,there goes your reader calling them the twins.

Your baby in the kitchen drawer is so cute. Now my ovaries hurt ;o)

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