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LOL glad you're back. Knob is such an expressive word!

In grad school, my friends and I created a mythology where we were all superheros. I chose the name "Knight of Brownness," which unfortunately became KnOB for short.

Another friend wanted to be called "SuperChic" so of course we called her "SuperChick."

In the end, the mythology just became about mocking each other.

I'm sorry to be such an idiot, what does knob stand for? ("mop, mob, knot, not"...)

Don't forget Kate's hair..do tell...I feel a funny story coming on!

It is tomorrow....where are you.... ;-)

@Diane - here you go... http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=knob

Don't you understand that it is high time to receive the loan, which would make you dreams real.

LOL! Glad about the unrelated part!

LOVE London - try not to convert to ZAR when there otherwise anything is expensive. Vienna - full of old people - infact they have a minus growth rate, but for the cultural I suppose it is great.

I love knob too. And cock! (v.rude!) And plonker! And numpty!

CHOP is good too! AM fond of that word my-very-self! Sorry u never met up with Doris whilst in London ;-) But glad u back s&s tho!

knob - ha! that's great. oh and someone said my favorite NZ word - plonker!

What are you doing traveling so much now, girl?? Now you can call yourself a real Sagittarius. You were giving us a bad reputation before... I used to travel about half of the month for work and it was not funny at all, but once in a while it is nice.
If you ever decide to expand to The Americas, let me know, I am tired of my job! (18 years of it is enough, I guess). Lawyer, MBA, goddess, infertile, 9 IVFs, you name it...
Welcome back!

PS: I think cars are more addictive than porn. My husband would never ever set the alarm clock (and get up) at 4:00 AM to watch porn or even Playboy girls. Now, to watch a Formula 1 race... Oh, yeah. I think he is secretely in love with Michael Schummacher.

Glad to have you back. Just wanted to mention two things - 35 Euros for soup and salad is expensive anywhere! More importantly, knob has more than one meaning so maybe the man on the plane and your biggest knob moment ever are connected? haha!

I am so with Mel on this one - update your blog please DAILY!!!!!!!!!! Or get Rose to do it - you and Mel are my daily reading while having coffee - only its a bit hard to drink coffee with nothing to read!!!!!! Your children are gorgoeus by the way!!!!!! And look after Rose - she is a gem and probably should be called Queen Rose!!!! PS - Knob wins hands down as my fave word but plonker does the trick regularly in the traffic!!!!!!

KNOB is a word I use a lot in the car when yelling at other stupid drivers!!

I love the word knob too - it's used a lot in Australia - well especially when I was growing up. Americanisms have snuck in a bit now.

I spent a few days in Vienna with a friend back in '97. We took a bus or streetcar in that big loop around central Vienna so we saw the outside of the famous museums and sites...but mostly we went shopping (this was before H&M had gone worldwide) and ate at cafes. We did go the, whaddayacallit, Schlossbrünn? And that big cathedral? But mostly shopping. It was awesome and I have no regrets.

In London, we pretended that pounds were dollars so everything was merely a little expensive rather than OMIGOD MORE THAN TWICE AS EXPENSIVE as in the US. We bought cheap t-shirts at H&M (we needed lighter clothes for that one hot day), and a reasonable carry-on bag at Harrods.

I look forward to learning of your knobby experience, Tertia.

That's a fun little adventure you had in London. You might not have gotten anything material wise, but you got to see London. It's been on my bucket list to see London, but so far it's not looking good. Anyway, thanks for blogging. I enjoy reading your blogs.

Yes, you need to post more!!! Glad you had a great trip.

I was in London as a teenager. I came back with a Red Dwarf t-shirt and a pair of handcuffs. I'm not sure I could afford much more than that now. Stupid weak dollar...

Fortunately, I don't like shopping anyway. ;)

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