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Oh, he does look like Adam after all.

I've been saying that (okay, just to myself) for months! You sure do have beautiful children!


Lyk asof jy 'n tweeling in die werke het :)

Whoa! Yes!

I have always thought Max and Adam looked very much alike!! Max is growing like a weed.

I thought he was the same baby! Max is gorgeous.

I noticed in the horns photo for the first time! Ix

I think Max is a lovely blend of both the twins. :)

Max has looked like Adam for a while now. Too sweet!

Tertia, he is just beautiful! I actually see both Kate and Adam in Max. You have a beautiful well deserved family. Thank you for sharing.

So cute! None of my three kids look much like each other, or much like us. (One of my friends always jokes that my (IVF) kids must have gotten their looks from my doctors!) It must be so nice to see the genes flowing through your family like that.

You have a lovely family.

Oh, I definitely see the resemblance, I have for a while now, even in photos of Adam as he is now, you can see the same features:) They growing so beatifully, you must be so proud:)

They are beautiful!

Yes! Like others I thougth for a while that Max looks a lot like Adam. And like Kate. Very cool!

As my dad used to say of my brothers, "This is Pete, and this is Re-Pete!"

My name is Mali and I am an asshole.

PS my IP address is

Oh his face is a perfect mix of baby A&K! Gorgeous babies, all three.

mali,I think she is quite attractive (I'd hit it,if i was so inclined). She is also kind and sensitive,witty and wise!

Boy do they ever all look related! No one will question them being brother and sisters! Unlike in our house, the boys look similar and their sister has completely different coloring, but if you go back to baby pics you can see her and Liam have the same facial features.

I met your sister last night at a MOB, she told me about your site and how successful it is, can you believe a dufus like me did not know!!! Anyway, glad I found you, great site!!

Nice Blog
Greetings for all South African friends...
From Argentina, Pablo Aro Geraldes
I wait your visit and your messages


I met your sister on Friday night and she told me all about her super famous blogging sister. I could wait to come and check for myself.
Your children are beautiful and reading you bio, well that is was moving to say the least.
I love your style of writing and will certainly be back to read more about your life as a Mummy, blogger, author and beautiful woman!

cannot believe my eyes!

how fast is Max growing!?

both of them are good looking babies..

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