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They are too cute together.

Great photo! :D

yup. this is the reason i secretly want twins.


Great blog!!!!
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Pablo from Argentina

Ah, twins. You are so lucky. Today we got our first official blood test back from our Last.Cycle.Ever before we gave up. It was 290. I hope it's twins. SO MUCH. I don't know if you remember me from before but I've followed you and the original Vagina Possee since the beginning. Sometimes it feels like I'm the only one from back then who hasn't had any success yet... And here your twin are in school already - and you have little Max as well. [sigh] Well, here's hoping the whole jinxy infertility demon doesn't strike me down for mentioning the positive beta before we really know anything. Miss your regular posts but am so happy your new business is taking off! Cheers! Smumzie

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The comment above is actually an ad. How do bloggers deal with them? Just curious.

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