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Life has been busy around here. I just can't seem to find the time to work and I want to. lol

I keep counting down until the crew is out of school (4/30!!!) for the summer.

Trying to convince my Mom and Grandma to drive down for Spring Break...if they can't, will you send Rose? or would it be best to just ship A to you're house?

Miss you! xo

You are the best mom ever Tertia! (no I am not cynical - being supportive here)

It's just been valentines day, and as you are such a fan, I think you have full licence to be sappy!!! I also have the odd rare moment, in between killing my kids and burying a meat cleaver in husbank, that I also think what a lucky lady I am, and how much I love my life. And then i wake up and smell the dirty nappies... mwahahaha! I do really love my life x

You're adorable. Keep up the good work.

Hey Tertia - as the only remaining (as far as I can tell) person on Earth who has been reading you and the rest of the original Vagina Possee since day 1 who has not succeeded in having a child yet - can I steal some of your publicity? Though I'm not in SA, I am an attention whore who recently started blogging (after a 3 year hiatus because 19 IVFs, 2 surrogates and 3 egg donors later, I was shall we say "pissy"...)

I don't have any commenters. Please visit me. :*(

erm that would be commentORS. I can spell. Don't judge me!


moments of gratitude for the awe our lives have become. Its cool, isn't it??
hugs, Tertia!

I love those moments, when I look outside in at my life and love it, because there are more moments where I feel so stressed by my life. And don't you have a blackberry so you can check your e-mail without your laptop? Or an I-phone or something? I am shocked.

Thanks for the update Tertia. I look at my life sometimes and think the same thing - that it is wonderful and that I am really lucky. Except for the incredibly messy house...

I wasn't trying to be an asshole on Twitter - I just sometimes think I am funny when I am not. Sad, but true!

Heather Ann

Apparently you fell asleep at your computer. You are mentioned in my limerick for Weebles Wobblog Limerick Chick contest.

Sounds like a wonderful day!!! Sorry to hear about your computer.

You Won! Congratulations!


Being announced now.

congratulations on your bloggies win !

Oh my god, I must try one of those plastic balls NOW!

I've been having quite a few moments like you just described, looking in on your own life from the "outside". We just had our 3rd son two weeks ago today, and I STILL can't totally wrap my head around it all. (Ok, I guess that's a little different than what you were talking about, but I'm still amazed at my life now.)

you are coming to Vienna! That's where I live!

Hey T.!
You know, this is such a snug post, so unlike the usual sharp and edgy and witty ROFLMAO posts - and yet, you SO deserve it...
Today is a slow day at work (hate it actually - one could do so much mor with one's time than sitting before a PC on days like this...), so I've been on the internet for hours and also went through some of your old posts, like that special one on infertility reflections (and it still echoes with me, after so many years, though i'm also one of the lucky ones who've made it to the other side...)
And after revisiting those pages it reminded me just HOW MUCH you deserved a post like today's one!
Just thought I'd say so.

that is best ball I ve seen, real safe, cant wait for my lill wanker to try it

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Woah.. seems like a series of unfortunate events huh. :) Hmmm.

anyways it ended to be one of your best days and I'm very glad to know that. Your kids are very cute. God Bless.. :)

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