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Curious as to the nature of your trip, since you've quit your IBM job, right? Are you traveling for your book or for Nurture? Or has your "retirement" from the corporate world not kicked in yet? :-)

Hang in there. Maybe if you start a small collection of the places you travel to. Keep them for yourself or share them with your family. I buy postcards and try to get the pennies smashed in machines of places we visit. I have been collecting them forever and now since we have have a child I have started his own penny collection. Both of those are inexpensive and do not take up much space.

Send me next time, LOVE traveling and would like to know the business better.

I know EXACTLY what you mean about the smell of SA. I live abroad at the moment, but I miss the smell of my country so much.
Personally, I think traveling is overrated.

Missing those little buggers and the big bugger?? Good for you:) I'm always told mommy needs a break too and i'm thinking, yeah a break from cooking, laundry, cleanning is what I need!

I totally, totally understand how you feel about traveling. I lived the first 23 years of my life in the same small town, within a 2-mile radius. We didn't travel much ... mostly to see family, etc. As a result, I was VERY nervous about traveling for a long time ... had panic attacks, etc. FUN, huh? Thankfully, the more I traveled, the easier it got and the more I started to enjoy it. But you are still VERY brave ... I would not enjoy traveling without my husband at least. Bravo for accepting living outside of your comfort zone at times.

But may I encourage you to try the local cuisine?? Worst case scenario, you don't like it and you get something else. But what if you find that you really DO like it? You'll never know unless you try. Start with something NOT fancy and go from there, when you're feeling a little more brave. New, yummy food can be one of life's greatest pleasures, I promise.

You make me laugh out loud! Safe travels home.

Fellow Discerning Eater

Hi Tertia I am paying forward The Beautiful Blogger Award. It comes with rules when you come to fetch it!

Aww, LOVE this blog!!!

Ahh I love to travel! Visiting new places far and wide and having a break from every day life. Love me a hotel room.. lovely bath and then zone out on tv (a rarity for me) while eating room service meals. Fall asleep reading a great book, a lovely break. Absolute heaven :)

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