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Happy Valentine's you love birds!!!!!

You two are hilarious! Happy Valentine's Day to you!

LOVE the anti-V idea! It's my birthday so I loathe it even more. nice PJs :)

Fun costumes & handsome hubb.


My hubby tried to mow a heart into the lawn, but it didn't quite work out. I thought it was pretty sweet though!

Love it. You two were so cute. The slippers are adorable. lol What were the others wearing? We celebrate our 21st anniversary on Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine Shmalentine's Day. ;-)

oooo - ssssaxxxy!!! The only PJ's I own are the ones that I had to buy for the maternity ward!!! they haven't been worn since x

I love it! That's a brilliant costume!

You 2 are fabulous and so clever!

Haha! Great strategy... You guys look adorable together. Happy Vday!!

um - dont you have PJS? Am I just insanely old that I have an entire pjs shelf?

Fun plan though!

I burst out laughing when I saw your slippers - they look like they are humping your feet and going at it like rabbits!

You guys look adorable!

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On another note - I was looking for wine and thought of you mentioning your lovely chardonnays from South Africa - so got one, not bad! You look like Barbie (with dark hair) and Ken in those pics - cute! PLus added bonus is the PJs are not so bad looking so you can wear them in the winter.

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