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Yikes! I'm glad he appears to be okay! Oy.

kids! they just bring out our worst fears! the little buggers.

glad he is fine. hope you will be fine soon too.. :-)

ohhhhh poor baby. How scary!

OMG!!! i'd have been scared shitless! that's one scary looking bump. ow, ow, ow! poor adam.

Ouch!! Sigh. Another Ben10 fanatic.

WOW! Shame Tertia, what an afternoon! Thank heavens Adam is alright!

The head bang/puke combo is a scary one, very scary. Sounds like you did good. I love the camp light idea, very sweet.

Ok the head injury thing is scary. Mostly I think because as a parent you never know how to call it. Do you go to doctor or just wait and see. And doctors often dont give clear answers. BUT>>>>> the photo at the end is so flipping adorable - matched with the story that it trumps the bad head fall part of the story. Love it!

Ow. Ow. Ow. VERY impressive bump. I would be scared too with the head bang/barf bit. Sweet boy. Hope he is better soon.

(...'tuck shop' day??)


Glad everything turned out ok. That is scary!

Hell, that looks sore!

Hi Tertia - I don't normally comment but your post today had me concerned! My husband is a doctor here in the UK and he says with the info you've given in this post, that over here they would have definitely admitted Adam to hospital - sometimes if there is a bleed inside the skull that when it settles there is expected normal behaviour in between...here he would have had a CT scan or at least regular neurological obs - just concerened and thought you should have another opinion...hope I havent scared you, but if it was my kid I would be doing the same....hope he is all OK:)

Holy shit that is a huge bump! Sounds like a concussion to me..I would also get a second opinion. I work for a neuro doc.
Poor baby

poor little bugger. they are damn tough though aren't they? apparently concussion and worse kinda depend on where they get hit - looks like he hit a particularly hardened bit. still, it must have revved your engine for a few hours!

love the backpack and light. amelia has taken to wearing her swimming gear to bed, on the off chance that she will be taken swimming the minute she wakes up. they are CRACK-UPS!

Oh my gosh, what a huge bump! I am glad he's okay but yikes. I'd have been nervous too!


My little one took a spill off a horse last year (with a helmet on). I took her into the ER because she was confused and crying. She began puking once we got there. They did a CT scan that showed no bleeding. She was diagnosed with a concusion -- can't remember which grade. We were sent home that evening. I was told to watch her very closely that night and wake her every so often. The big thing I was told was to keep her quiet and in bed for two days to let her brain rest. I guess the brain can get bruised when the fall so hard.

Anyhow, she was ultimately fine. However, it is so scary! I'm so glad that you took Adam in. The photo is so sweet - the backpack one, not the head bump one!

Hi Tertia - I have never commented before but today I had to. Not about the bump (although I am so glad Adam is okay) but about the backpack. My son is crazy for Ben 10. I can tell I am the mother of a boy when I can recognize all the cartoon characters!

Ouch, that looks sore...Here's a tip: try putting some Reparil gel on a bump like that (but it will burn 'cause the skin is a bit off, but won't do harm except to your ears), it brings the swelling down for some obscure reason.

Definitely sounds like a concussion. But I've always heard that seeing swelling on the outside is a GOOD thing... in a sort of "better out than in" logic.

Still, if he were my child, I'd probably be freaking out, and insist on a CAT scan or MRI or something.

Hope Adam is feeling better today!

ouch! poor guy

poor Adam that is an impressive bump. I am glad he is ok and I would have done the same thing. Head injuries are nothing to mess with.

oooh, EINA man..shame tertia..its blooming scary! Ethan fell out of my bed the other night, we also heard a LOUD thud..it sounded like a gunshot, i swear. Big knop, fell asleep and was fine, but sheesh, adam sure has an impressive plum on his noggin, I'm sure it will looked much better in the morning. shame man. How was tuck shop day? did he love it? Ethan LOVES market and tuckshop day :-) they get to spend money... :-) so cute.

Arnica is great for bringing down swelling and bruising. We get arnica cream here in the UK. My 22mo son falls down A LOT, and at one point looked like he was growing horns from the permenant bumps on his head - but the arnica cream was great :-)

Adam is such a sweetie. Love that kids go to bed hugging the most important thing to them at the moment - have had some weird things in bed with my 3 year old!

I'm an ER nurse and we would have done a CT scan and admission. Did they do a scan to check for a head bleed? When kids are throwing up and sleeping a lot the docs here worry and almost always admit for observation.

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