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I work in Paarl - it is 44 outside!

I flew out of 28-degree Johannesburg yesterday to 1-degree London this morning. My body has had the biggest shock of its little life. It is so cold in London today that I couldn't talk properly when I got into work (i think my tongue had frozen up a bit ... probably a relief for most of my collegues). And it's so surreal - yesterday I was swimming with my family in sunny SA!

Better make the most of it cos Thursdays weather doesn't look so good.

I'm so jealous! I'm looking at the 6 inches of snow our in our garden that won't melt because it's so cold! (Germany) Enjoy Summer!

Suggest you get in pool and do not get out. Tell Marko he is your personal slave today and is to bring you bits of food and drink as required.

Or you could go to work.



PS We have passed our scorching weather onto you guys, we have a beautiful drizzly day today.

I live 1/2 an hour from the location of the Black Saturday Bushfires in Victoria last year.

Since that event we now have a new category of Fire Danger - Catastrophic has been added, above Severe and Extreme.
We have already had our first Catastrophic fire warning of the season. It was 43 deg. C here in Melbourne the other day, but higher in other parts of the country.

Stay cool, and I hope there are no fires that break out there today.

Hey Claire (above) - Wasn't the other night of 36.7 at 11pm a killer? I had the aircon on for 48 hours straight! ergh!

I live at the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges so we are all on guard. Hopefully it will be an uneventful Summer this year?

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