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Eish, wish I lived in CT!! I could do with a spa day!


Do you really like strangers that much? Take your sister!

I'm sorry for Mel, but I would love a bit of pampering... With my luck it would probably fall on the day of our move, or the day of my long awaited doctor's appointment!

Is it a working, week day? Teacher in need of pampering but don't think they'd give me time off for a pampering session! Would love to join you.xxx

If only.... Dreaming...

Sadly, I am no longer going to Cape Town. Sounds divine. Enjoy!

Send your sister, you need to catch up with her and bond. She is lovely and so needing it. Me, me , me!!!
PS, entering too btw!

Cool! I entered. I would say take a reader to this one but why don't you and Mel go for your own spa day together. You can do it any day it just means paying :). The best place in CT is Reveal Day Spa. The place is heavenly and they have a double room for couples massages etc.

Ok having plugged my favourite place in CT Tertia - I am a new reader and really excited to have found your blog!
Thanks for everything you do !

Wow !! I would love to go. To spend a morning with you would be fantastic!!
But....I live in Kwazulu Natal. So sadly no chance of me entering.
If you are ever in Natal let us know.

To the lucky person that gets to go, have a great time.

Do I fancy a bit of spa treatment with you? Duhhhh! Is the pope a catholic? Sheeeeeeeesh, I couldn't think of anything better ... except of course if we could order a bottle of cold, crisp Chardonnay! Have entered the comp a zillion times already! :) xx

I'll be in CT May 2010. Can we postpone till then? :) Would've LOVED to join you.

I agree with Amanda- Reveal is STUNNING! I'll try to convince them they too should have a competition for a day at the spa with one of your blog readers- ME!!

What if it's a hairy guy with BO who wants to wrap you in mud ... I'm just saying. Mel might be an attractive option then!

dont forget POPS

Oooooooooooooooooooooh...I would luuuuuurve to win this...so could do with a little pampering after a tough year in the infertility game!!! Am holding thumbs and toes...x

you know you wanna include the flight so that you can pick ME!! It's only a domestic flight, not like it's long haul or anything....x
Am entering anyways x

seriously here- take your sister! She probably deserves it and you would probably have a much better (read more relaxing) day if it was her by your side. Just write a blog post so we can see what the place is like, and we can then judge from there on the merit of the place...

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