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congrats doll! wow!

Well done!!

Yay :)

Congrats :) I think it's fab too, there's nothing wrong with being labelled a mommy blogger!

Congrats Tertia

I'd love to see the list but when I click on the link (or even follow a google link) it automatically takes me to babble.com.au (obviously realises I'm in Australia) and even searching babble.com.au there is no article. Any chance you could post the list?

Rae, its a common problem in OZ, can never click on a babble.com link and get the results. It always diverts to the australian site. Only way I have found around it is to get the direct feed from a blog there - but that obviously doesn't work for this! I'd love to see the list too, would you post it here Tertia?

oh COME ON!!!! what is WRONG with those people who judge these things. how can YOU be the top mommy blogger when you are obviously NOT A REAL MOMMY?

1. real mommies have real boobies. not plastic ones that give the owner and her 'playthings' hours of ungodly pleasure even just looking at them. real mommies boobies end up around their waists after using them AS GOD INTENDED to feed and succor their chilluns.
2. real mommies S.A.H . . . nothing, nothing, NOTHING is more important to them than the wellbeing of their babies. there is poo to be measured, there are clothes to be ironed, there are bottoms to be WIPED PROPERLY, etc etc etc
3. real mommies give birth through their, v . . . v . . . V-JAY JAYS!!!! they don't have a zipper in their plastic surgery-ed tummies so that they can choose the date that SUITS THEM to give birth. hell, you can't even call that GIVING BIRTH. they do NOT use their V-JAYJAYS purely for pleasure of an evil and selfish nature. (altho they ARE allowed to use them as often as possible to get pregnant, but without enjoying it AT ALL)
4. real mommies look after the children god has blessed them with ALL ON THEIR OWN, without any help from OUTSIDERS or the FATHERS of the children. that includes getting up at night when the kids are sick!!!
5. real mommies don't swear, drink heavily, go out to party, look sexy, push themselves forward in company so that people look at them more than at other women . . .

oh, the list goes OOOOOONNNNN . . .

*stops writing, and shakes head in wonderment, unable to figure out who that voice inside of her head belongs to . . . she suspects it is her ex-mother in law who HATED her with a vengeance for not being a real mommy 20 odd years ago.*

tertia, i've been trying to shake the 'real mommy' tag for years. going back to being a SAHM at 47 after 15 years break has brought me close to breaking point at times, as the old stuff keeps creeping up on me. seriously, it is almost as though i could lose myself again as i did for such a long time, being away from meaningful talk, adult company, and just not having the freedom to pursue my own stuff like i once used to.

your blog is one of the things that keeps me afloat on dark days - not that there are so many, but at moments like right now, at 4am, when the 2 year old is in my bed, in my spot, on MY PILLOWS, the husband is snoring, the house has gone bloody cold all of a sudden because we have a snow blizzard going on around us so the heaters need turning up - and of course i am the only one that has registered all of this, and i am pissed off to be awake when those two are asleep - reading you reminds me of how much more there is to being alive. you are part of the arsenal i use to protect me from all real mommy freaks out there, and also my own socially conditioned inner real mommy - those fuckers are HARD TO SHAKE. like dragons you know? supposed to be mythological, but they sneak up on you when you least expect them.

thanks babe. you earned the award. and please please PLEASE, don't ever become a REAL MOMMY - i would miss you terribly.

RUTH - do you have a blog??? Dang girl... you should!! I think you are ALMOST stealing Tertias thunder here with your awesome comments!
Oh ya - well done T!!!x

Huge congrats!

Well-deserved, Tertia!

Add to the lists of things I am not surprised by....

I've always wanted a blog type award, you know, a proper type one... but alas.

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