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Hope there is the rule....no texting or emailing at the same time though! I had one friend who would do that! We have massages in some of our spas called Crackberry - an intensive fingers, hands, arms and shoulders for the addicts!

Go forth and enjoy!


Hahahaha! Love the self portrait :P

So...technically I'm not a stranger since we've met IRL. *hint*

Lucky lady! I hope you enjoy it!


I think you may definitely need an extra two slots.(one for a scantily clad bit of sexyness with a *koff* concealed weapon, for protection obviously ;-))

Stalkers and secret haters can be very Unrelaxing ;-)

Have FUN!!

Pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me

I'll be in Cape Town from the 18-22...I'll buy the wine.... :-)

DAMN you are clever.

more sneaky than a sneaky thing even.

here i was going to launch a tirade of invective about this post ostentatiously displaying thoughts about your overprivileged white ass and its tendency to be overindulged in a number of ways (and that is ONLY your ass), and then you hang out that OBVIOUS bribe to keep the faithful faithful - and to maintain the kissing up of that famous ass in the hope of being equally overindulged without having earned the right to it through having AT LEAST 25 children via natural conception, plus adopting 30 orphans from various trouble spots around the world, never having shaved one's legs, armpits, or even re-shaped the pubes, never having worked outside the home, making all your kids' clothes, food, toys, shoes and furniture from cast-off wood and metal found on the roadside on your tri-weekly walks to skip-dive (never having owned a car, much less a driver's licence), and only able to access this blog in the community centre at the homeless shelter on your weekly visits to the local church to confess your evilness in full, then crawling home on (unshaven and unmoisturised) knees to prepare your husband's lunch.

and you are not even A CHRISTIAN. aaargh.

enjoy it while you can. all that decadence will get you in the end.

dang. goddamit. i need a drink.

being up for 3 nights with a feverish toddler has fair turned my brain.

what i really need is a day in a spa with a lovely lovely person next to me to share my kind and meaningful thoughts. think your buddy at the hotel will cough up a return fare from belgium, oh glorious princess of generousness?

(phew, lucky i held my self back from even implying criticism here . . . could have totally screwed my chances.)

How DEVINE! May every month of next year start this way for you!!

Sincerely, you are a cow. :)

MMMMMMMMMMMMMM, how do I enter??? Tired, stressed, underpaid teacher who is thinking about buying a business- INSANE- maybe? Mother to one VERY busy little girl! Just as spoilt and moaning about having no help!!!
Promise not to talk or stalk you. Will bring wine and earplugs!

"disguise myself as a palm frond" ... don't all smart, rich and famous people have their personal palm fronds to languish behind?

Much jealousy here!

Have fun though, very lovely thing to be offered.

I'm sure they wouldn't mind flying me right over.

Thats a fab idea. As long as I'm the winner. Me.Me.Me.Me.Me.Me.Me.Me.Me.Me.Me.Me
I am a very harrassed mother of 3 wild tikes who don't know how to wipe their asses either!I soooo need that treatment! In fact.... that red stick lady on the bed in your picture? That is so me! C U there. can't wait x
P.S: Apparently I am also a spoilt brat who can't cope without my hired help... who happens to not be a Rose but a Daisy x Viva les flowers! Now come back soon flowers x

airfare included right?

LOL! I think I've just fallen in love with Ruth.

Any chance of a getting a return flight from Miami, while you're at it??? That would be an awesome Christmas gift. I would take Argentinean Malbec wine and some sushi. Earplugs too. Or better yet, Bose noise cancellation headphones for the Ipod.
Mmmm... wait... Would my dear husband survive without me with our 8-month-old little one??
Yeah... he would!! he rocks!

Ruth, you made my day!!

My first though - how the heck is she going to last through a 60 minute body wrap without having to pee?? LMAO! I would have to pee 3 times!

First thought, that is.

See, I always liked you until now. Now, not so much.

I am soooooooo envipus of u! We gave our boss today a cert for a free half hpur hot stone mssage! AS a mother of three 7 7 N 8 I am like soooooo jealous! Cant afforf nor hve time wrkimg full time nor able to find free care for lovable children at same timwe! DON`T blame peole! LOL ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY! I think it is wonderful tht U get to enjoy this!

Oh my fcken god! MY SPELLING sucks! C previous post abve! LOL new phone! OH ya wnted to say am from Maine! I ALSO think the wine might B effecting my spell check! Have fun! ENJOY!

I am green with jealousy. Have a wonderful time.

Niiiiice. You wait exactly 2 days after I leave CT to post this. I wouldve won this hands down, you know that hey? Still love you though. (and I wouldn't have even farted).

Okay, there is only one problem, you KNOW I only get to CT on the 4th Feb......

Take Sis Melly - she also needs some Time Out! And what about Mimi?

Presuming of course that Ruth says ok to extra bodies...

(Damn I cannot make it - did I say that already, oh, sigh)!

I'm with Coral! Oh please pick me, I am shamelessly begging here!! Adele, my BF, I am very nice and my feet look terrible and I would make a great before and after pick. T you and I could have a long over due bond. Me, me, me.... hand up in the air waving and jumping!

hmmmm, well, initially i was going to respond to this post with one word "bragger", but at the end i had totally revamped and am shamelessly polling "ME" "ME!" PICK ME!

cuzz, obviously if they will give you an extra spot they CERTAINLY won't mind flying me in from the states.


LvU....have fun!

Two words: Pick me!

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