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Gorg pic's sista, do love your house v v much. xoxo

You have a *really* lovely house! Beautiful! :)

you have a stunning house!

Gorgeous Home!!

Can I come live with you? It's so cold here I could do with some time in the sun. I could sleep in the Jungle Gym :-)

Oh Tertia, it is absolutely gorgeous, and I LOVE the art - the one over the mantel and the tulips as well. Just gorgeous.

If your house has babies, could I please have one? It are awesome! Love the study.

What a beautiful home you have Tertia! I can see why you would choose this house (besides the fact that it is so close to your parents home). Lovely! I dream of having a home like this someday!!

Woman, that is not a house but a mansion! Well done.

Very nice! I am very jealous. We are in a 2-bedroom NYC apartment. Can't even imagine having that kind of space.

Simply beautiful.
Bravo to you and Marko.

you should be proud! it's gorgeousness! i think i like the lounge/living/pool areas best.

It's beautiful - so open, airy and mediterranean! I do need to complain, on their behalf of course, that you did not mention you ALSO have 2 bunnies guarding your house. They're integral to any security system.


gorgeous home! thanks for sharing! =)

What a horrible, horrible little house!!
really green with envy!!

Your home is beautiful.

Absolutely beautiful Tertia. Thanks for showing us.

I love it and now I have house envy! It's really gorgeous! I love the huge windows, the tile and just your whole set up. Thanks for sharing it with us.

I love it! Gorgeous, and I think you and Marko have done a great job! When am I invited for a visit? :-)

It is beautiful! I am jealous only because I love it so. :) I really love your artwork that is on the walls and over the mantle.

Oh my word! It is simply gorgeous. Hubby and I sat here and oooed and awed. Stunning decor and pictures too--it looks so pretty and warm there. Tis cold and drizzly here...ick. Thanks for sharing! Happy holidays!

What a lovely house. I'm so happy for you, Tertia.

Beat pics of the house,gla dyou posted some at last.
Looks like a good family home,nice and spaceous

you have every right to be proud -- it's gorgeous. congratulations to you, thanks for sharing the pics!

It's stunning. Congrats!

Beautiful! I love your colorful touches -- the striped towels in the kids' bath, the tulips, and the amazing flowers in the front yard. You and Marko worked very hard to achieve this house, and you have every right to be proud. Enjoy!

When did we get to become grown-ups ... with nice homes and children etc ?!
Really lovely. Makes me long for good old SA.

Love it! Even the tiles! Makes life after infertility look so much more attractive. If only I could get there (and taking a plane is not the problem...)

Your home is very beautiful!

STUNNING! STUNNING! STUNNING! What a beautiful home and you so deserve it! I love it!! You have done well with the decorating- give yourself some credit please. Lots of love xxx

I can't BELIEVE you have taken soooo long to show off your gorgeous abode. If it was mine, I would be hiring a plane dragging a billboard, and posting pics to the whole world!! It is simply stunning! You are a very lucky lady x

Wow, loved looking at your pics, the house is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your home with all of us, I enjoyed looking through the pics so much! Now, when can I come visit? Will be happy to sleep in the cupboard as well. ;)

It is a gorgeous place! Just awesome - and looks like a real happy family home on top of all of it. It's very sweet that Max is sleeping in the cupboard!

Damn, woman! That is one gorgeous house! Cool that Rose has her own door.

Too bad the kitchen will never be used as it could be.

The house is absolutely gorgeous and it looks completely perfect for you guys. Very happy for you. And jealous. But whatever. ;)

Your house is lovely! The house and the neighborhood definitely remind me of Southern California where I live -- the architecture and climate seem very similar. Congratulations on such a beautiful home!

Gorgeous house. Love the master bath--and that bunk in the kids' room. Thanks for sharing.

Very beautiful! You've worked hard for what you have, and your pride is deserved. Just lovely.

Wow! Nice! And from the roses at the front it looks your gardener is good too.

It's a lovely house and you have every right to be proud.

I love the front garden - very inspring and I'm wanting to go plan my garden right now!

Absolutely gorgeous Tertia! Wow! I love that you gave us a picture tour of the house! It's amazingly beautiful. And I love your one not - if you don't like it, don't read!!!

Beautiful House!!

Tertia, it's GORGEOUS! Truly lovely. Enjoy!

Ah, finally! And after all the waiting, its not all that. . . . great. Its FABULOUS! Love it. It is so different from my house, and from the houses where I live in NJ. I love seeing how other people live. I love that Rose has her own entrance, and I really like the pool. Although I'm so cold right now I can't even imagine wanting to go in a pool! And your study is wonderful.

You should be very proud of your home. May you have many happy years there!

Very lovely, m'dear. Yes, your landscaping has similar plants to ours in Southern California. Your house looks like it belongs here.

What a beautiful home! And fuck the haters, Tertia. You and Marko work hard and should have some reward for doing so. You have a gorgeous house and good, clean decorating taste.

The implication that you should sit at home 24/7 changing diapers and wiping noses is ridiculous. This is 2009, not 1950. From one working mom to another: Well done!

Lovely, lovely. Especially fond of the front doors/windows. All very exotic looking! (Most everything outside of Oklahoma looks "exotic" though. LOL!)

What a beautiful home! It looks like something you'd find here in the states in Florida. I love it.

Now, please do tell me about the safety concerning your pool. It looks like it can be obtained easily by the children. I know they can swim, but I'm curious as to how you secure it so they can't get out there without an adult. Sorry, to be a worrywart.

Wow, it's amazing. If you think that's not-great-decorating, remind me to never invite you over. (You know, to my house which is on the other side of the world.)

Stunning house, Tertia, truly -- looks fantastic! :-D


What? No comments about how evil you are to microwave baby bottles? Are people asleep or something?

(fellow microwaver)

You have every right to be proud of such an achievement. Congratulations to you both on your gorgeous, gorgeous house!

It is so beautifully presented, it's hard to believe that anyone lives there - let alone your menagerie!!

sjoe man - no disclaimers about your house or photography again mmkay? beaut Tertia - love love love it! even tempts me into thinking of moving across the boerie curtain....hehe

Congrats hon, lovely house...makes me jealous, my husband wants us to save up every dime before we ever fix ours up or buy a nice one! Your house---would be absolutely perfect. (Ok, the pool would have to become a skating rink 6 months of the year, but hey, your weather is awesome!)

Beautiful! Absolutely fabulous!

Just stunning and gorgous. Yo and Marco should be so proud.
I just love the house, it is soooo my taste....

It's a beautiful house. You should be proud! I love the light and colors - it looks so inviting.

Very nice. Uncluttered and comfortable. Love the flowers and lawn. ;-)

Beautiful house! I only have one issue - where do you hide all the kids toys? I don't have enough room to hide all the kids toys!

Great home. thanks for sharing

Your house is gorgeous!!! I love the pool area and the playhouse.

Gorgeous home! Thank you so much for sharing the pics with all of us!!!

I should probably tweet this because, you know... but please let me be the 63rd person to say GORGEOUS! Love the house.

You have lovely home. One question: what type of Bunk bed set do the children have? It would fit our daughters perfectly.

Congratulations for your achievements. You have a beautiful house, family and even boobs!

Thanks for sharing. Big kiss from Spain.

You have a beautiful home. What's wrong with your decorating skills? It looks absolutely fantastic! Loved the art work!

I would love a house like that, you must be enormously proud. It looks so safe too xxx Perfick!

Yay!! Pics of the new house! It's a wonderful home - very beautiful yet it seems very welcoming and comfortable. Your decorating skills are just fine and so are your picture skills.

a real grown-ups house

Absolutely beautiful! You have to justify nothing to anyone! Enjoy your home and family!!!!

Green with envy! Beautiful house. Actually - not green with envy - I love my condo - it's perfect for me! Just like this house is perfect for you and your family!

Your home is lovely and looks peaceful. A perfect place to raise a family.
And I'm so sorry there are a$$es out there that would make you feel bad and have to post disclaimers. Shame on them! It's your blog, you can do whatever you please.
Merry Christmas!

Seriously....LOVE the house! The only thing missing for me would be a big grassy backyard. I don't think the decorating is terrible at all! I especially love the rubber duck next to your tub in your master bathroom..LOL! I can't wait to build our "final" home...aaaah if only money grew on trees!

Wow! Great house! Thanks for sharing the pics. You gave me some ideas for our house. It is really lovely.

Beautiful! It actually looks alot like houses in Florida. Thanks for sharing!

Love the house, love the floors and the open plan!! Congratulations!! It is so nice of you to have a guest house... do you have availability for the World Cup?? (my beautiful Vineyard Hotel is full, sniff)
And I agree with Missicat; it looks a lot like nice houses in Florida, very "tropical".
(and yes, your photography skills suck... LOL)

Where the f*ck is all the plastic? 3 kids and nary a pile of toys in sight. You are either a master of disguise or you have a play room you are not showing us. I would kill to have a house like that, lovely. Enjoy every bit of it.

Beautiful home, congratulations! I absolutely, love, love, love the painting over the fire place. I think you have wonderful taste!

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I love your advice!

Your home is beautiful.

Wow! Very beautiful! And beautifully decorated, too.

The house is beautiful and it certainly sounds like you've got security systems all lined up. Best of luck with your new place. Hope you have many, many happy years there.

I think you've done a lovely job decorating, or maybe I have crap taste? Looks very calm and lovely to me! Congratulations on all you've achieved!

that is gorgeous. thanks for sharing :)

here's something for you too: http://bit.ly/5fDDpC

it's a cute trailer for Despicable Me that I saw recently. cheers me up

Your house is so beautiful! You can come out to Idaho and decorate my house any time :)

hi can't believe i missed you this afternoon! I have been so sick, but just rose from bed to read you to cheer myself up from missing you to fidn your gourgeous house!

It's lovely! You have every right to be proud.

My favorite interior feature is the mirrors in the bathroom. What a nice touch!

The exterior is fantastic too. Good for you!

It's beautiful and you've both work v. hard to earn every bit of it. Congratulations!

Oh, Tertia, it's BEAUTIFUL! Very posh :) I'm happy you're enjoying it, and FFS if someone doesn't want to look they certainly don't have to--one of my resolutions is to worry less what the innernet thinks of me so I do know what you meant but you deserve every happiness, my friend, and those of us who care about you couldn't be more pleased for your family.

Gorgeous, congrats!

Lovely house, Tertia! I love every bit of it! We're moving in January, but our new house is nowhere near as spacious as this one!

A TOTALLY G&D house - just like you, girlfriend :-) BLOODY WELL DONE! It's HEAVEN on EARTH! PS: LOVING the his & hers basins :))

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