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LOL it's ok I will just give ALL my eggs to Nurture (I'm still terrified of the talk I need to have with my mom so that they can send me by baby pics etc for me to complete my application. She flipped when I wanted to be an organ donor..when I am DEAD!! lol culture :) )

In Adam's pic you at least have arms..they are clearly important to him..cute pics..

Love the pictures, they are great. I'm with you on the favorite child thing - my 7-month old is killing my 3-year-old in that area right now. With every fit the pre-schooler throws, the baby is more firmly (though I'm sure temporarily) established as Favorite Child.

Yes, my two boys sound EXACTLY like Adam. They are about the same ages as yours as well...must be an almost 5 boy thing.

The lack of logic kills me. When we don't have a thing, what is the point of repeatedly whining for it and then crying? But they do it a lot.

Love the pics! Definetly a difference amongst the sexes at that age.

Why is Miss KateEE not in Adam's pic???

At least you're smiling in the pics! They have a happy mommy!

How many childrens lives can you change???
Thought some of you Mommies would be interested in helping out or charity by donating money or purchasing clothes! Check out the Manin Project and look into ways to help today!

Hahaha. I love how Kate isn't in Adam's pictures.
And wow, they have GREAT handwriting for that age!! :)

Having a Feb '05 boy myself I think I may be answer the previous commenters question about why Kate is not in Adam's picture: It was too darn much work, that's why! My boy's favorite color is black. Everything is black and done as fast as possible. Because you know, his preschool scheduled is sooo busy. Or something.

Does Adam know you can get a whole box of Smarties that are just GREEN?!!!!!!

Oh LOL, that's EXACTLY why I'm not having more kids!


I didn't know you'd added a pet camel to the fray...
(It's in Kate's pic. Or maybe she just wants a camel for Christmas...)

sounds just like my almost 5 year old boy as well, and the 6 month old mostly gets favorite status until he starts screaming during breakfast before i get my coffee.

at least you're smiling! that's a great sign. if my kids were to draw a picture of me for the months of november and december it would feature the back of my head, my caboose and the door shutting.

perfectly normal to have a favourite child. totally understood.

hey - Adam draws waaaay better than my son. with whom I would have the same conversation. must be a boy thing.

BWWWHAHAHAHAHA. That's so funny. Yes, when they start talking and moving it does make you long for the days of silence.....

Still enjoying my silent baby, lol. (She's a girl, maybe that will help as she gets older?)

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