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Sometimes when you give an inch, people will take a mile. Kudos to you for standing up for yourself.

"Looking back, he vowed to start waxing."

"Looking back, Quasimodo wondered how long that hump had been there."

Well, you've got to have your priorities...right? I mean having having a week that truly sucks beyond belief is one thing, but having a week that sucks AND need a pedicure? Too much. ;)

So glad to see you got to the other side of the Suckweek with your sense of humor intact.

Not to dredge it up but give a *little* hint about what IT was. (?)

I hear you! I was telling my husband the other day that life takes so much time and personal maintenance tends to fall to the side. And you turn around and your rough ugly caloused heels are getting stuck when you try to put a pair of socks on, and those wayward dark prickly hairs on your chin have cropped up again and all of a sudden there is a unibrow on your forehead. Female maintenance is important, even while disasters are happening around us!

I'm so sorry your week was hard - and I hear you on the maintenance. At least you can hide your feet; eyebrows are a bit harder!

Hi Tertia, I unfortunately did not see the programme, but apparently you were interviewed on TV. Please tell us how all of that went???
thanks, Charlene - East London

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