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Writing about me and my panties again, are you? Pervert! --Louise

Thats so awesome!

Max is the MAN!

Shall we see how long it takes for someone to give you shit about not having Max in YOUR room and sticking him with the nanny instead? Glad he traveled well and could be near you! I am also a nanny and adore the kids I work with.

WHAT? You know some people work full time, travel for work, take their kids on business trips and hide them under the table at the corporate meeting and stay at a hostel and share a common bathroom and drop off their twins at an orphanage for the day and still manage? I thought I would try to sound like one of the green-with-envy, woe-is-me, you cannot complain unless you live in a hut and eat you own fleas commenters, but I feel I am failing. I took my kids on business trips when they were infants (because they were severely attached to the boob) and the nanny as well. It actually works out better than leaving them at home. Max sounds like a keeper, my second daughter was a good traveler as well.

Go YOU!! I totally get the achievement in this post. Totally!

And I must say....babies are the bomb. I so wish I had known that when mine were babies. Geesh as they get bigger so do the issues!!

man, you have some nerve, writing a stir-em-up post and then buggering off to 'work', and managing to take rose away from her emergency situation. and then not having the baby in the same room as you?????

can't wait to read the comments on THIS POST. *sighs contentedly to self, feeling really glad that tertia didnt really go all boring and totally satisfied mothery on us, so the posts are still coming, and so that i get to feel superior to people who just don't have a sense of humour and whinge all day' . . . *

Most certainly the replies to THIS post will be worth making a pot of coffee and getting comfy for.

Couldn't you have at least required Rose to return early? would have made the drama SO much more .... well, more....

Awesome! He will be quite the traveler I am sure!

Sounds like a great trip! Glad you took Max with you. Sounds very very cool!

Having flown with children at various ages, I can safely say that flying with a baby is easier than flying with 4ish year olds. I have no idea, however, what would happen if you tried to take said baby into a biz meeting. So glad Rose could swing by to give you a hand.

Can I have your Rose? My Rose is totally pissing me off lately. Well done with flying with Max, we are about to fly with our 5-year old triplets and I don't know if I should be anxious or excited!

Missed you desperately!!! Go Rose, Go Max, Go You!!! Next stop Frankfurt...
A change is as good as a holiday. My only concern is that you didn't impose your smiling babe on those you met with. That would have been UBER MOMish!

SOOOOOOOO bloody impressed that you did that! I wouldn't even have thought to do that..and it worked out brilliantly for you! Your little max is too blooming adorable, he reminds me so much
of ethan when he was that age..full of smiles and easy. Awesome tertia, you should be proud of yourself :-) seriously!

So in response to the butt wiping story, here's a funny story from my house:
My son is 4 and was very easily potty trained at 3, no problems, very quick, yadda yadda. Well, he calls me over when he poops EVERY. TIME.
"Moooom, there's poop in my butt!" So I ask him, okay, why don't you tell Dad? "Because he doesn't like poop. He doesn't want to wipe me." I ask him, "But what if I don't want to wipe you?" "No, you like it, because you're the best mom I ever saw'd!" Lol. Flattery wins. I don't trust him to wipe his own butt without either 1. doing it wrong or 2. clogging the toilet. And there are bigger problems to worry about in life.

Well I think its terrible that you would take your baby out of his routine to travel in an airplane that could crash and getting your nanny to leave her black family to take care of your white baby all the while leaving your elderly mother to take care of your IVF twins.
Why don't you stay home and take care of your own children. You should cement up your swimming pool and use the pool money to raise your kids, buy them shoes and send Rose to varsity instead.
You should also give your fave sister Mellie some of the money you used to pay Rose and buy her an enormous Christmas present.

you are very funny. i have just started reading you (came over from a little pregnant). haven't read the negative comments on your last post but i can imagine. i wrote into the paper complaining about our school bus letting kids off without parents to meet them, and, among the comments i received, of course i should quit my job so i could always be there to receive them, rather than a sitter (just too bad for me if i quit my job and stay home, barefoot and pregnant, cooking, cleaning, and greeting my kids with homemade cookies after school,have a stroke and am passed out on my kitchen floor when the bus arrives) but also i shouldn't have had them in the first place if i wasn't prepared to take care of them every minute of every day, and from there i must be a ho who got knocked up outside of holy matrimony. blah blah blah.
you are right, it is tiresome to explain a joke to someone without a sense of humor.
you go girl.

damm you Tertia! Making me stay up to read all 109 comments on your last post, so I don't feel like I'm missing out!! Bloody hell!!! 109 comments???
LOVED your post!!! Am having MAJOR sense of humour failure myself these school holidays! PLUS - I have the out-laws staying with me from the UK.... oh-me-shattered-nerves... pass me the wine!!
And - as a final point: Why the hell did you not come and visit me when you were up in the big smoke Jozi?? I could have given that gorgeous Max a squeeze!

I really want one like that.

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