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Just exactly who does wear the trousers in your relationship. I have a feeling it is not Marko - hehe.

I'm laughing at your note under the picture - Priceless. :)

My husband and I have reverse roles.....I play mommy and cook and bake, but he is so much better at the decorating and house than I am, he does most of the decorating, hanging of goods, etc. but in this household it will be more than likely that I would find a to-do list for me and not him:)

And that's it? That's all you have to do and it gets done?!? Does Marko offer classes? My husband needs to learn...

My hubby is useless, but to preserve his ego I appointed a handy-man, so now I email him the to-do-list and he commits to what he wants to do and I outsource the rest :-)

Of course we need to write them down, if we don't, nothing (handy-work wise) will ever get done.

hi tertia....
merry x'mas and happy holidays love you and your blog...never fails to brighten up my day!!!!
i work as a doctor in the obs and gyn department, and i meet infertile patients everyday...i tell about your blog, your book, and i tell them if tertia can do it...so can u !!!!
take care

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