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Try Flea collars? They are a white color with meds that you snap & put around the dog's neck ~ it kills the fleas. You can also use pennyroyal oil on her collar. Pennyroyal oil is an herbal remedy & will repel fleas. You can also give her a bath & use pennyroyal oil to kill the fleas.

Good luck! I feel for you & your feet! :( T

Ag, it's a nightmare isn't it. The capstar is a grateful relief for the dogs but only lasts a day or so, as it only kills the buggers that are biting into them at the time. It is like the tip of the iceberg 'cause the assholes are laying eggs everywhere and the stuff just keep hatching.

I use four things right now, hoping to get rid of it (not quite yet rid of all, but in progress). First thing is the capstar, just to help them, but it is no long term solution. Secondly, as you, those things on the back - there are a few brands, they all seem useless but every bit helps. Thirdly, most importantly: get some "Program". It is the birth control pill for fleas! It is awesome. It takes a week or two to kick in though as it only affects the fleas laying eggs, but once it kicks in, the stuff just don't hatch anymore and you really eradicate the problem. You must keep it up throughout the summer though. Fourthly, equally important: a killer spray for all bedding and carpets. I know you got some company in to do your house at some point - do that again. Then buy yourself a can of Flego (or whatever other brand they stock) and keep spraying the dog's bed regularly, and anywhere else that is material that she likes to lie down in.

All this stuff is really expensive and cumbersome, but it is so horrible when they scratch. Our Golden Retriever just got a big sore on his tail from it a few weeks ago, and that was when I declared war... All four beasts are much happier now. Good luck. It is every summer's thing I'm afraid.

You should get some dip from a doggy-parlour, infact take your dog to a parlour and let them dip you dog. Get someone to spray around your house for flease. The advise of adi is also good - but get the dog dipped in the meantime.

I got my dog stuff from P&P - a tick and flea collar, and the stuff you put on the neck and tail area, sorry it was a while ago and I do not remember the name. Program can be expensive. You still have the Dyflea from the last time? Go mad!!

I find the only thing that works is Frontline - take her to the vet so that he can Frontline her, and then do it every 6-8 weeks after that.

We use Frontline every month and vacuum every day - including the dog beds. Before Frontline came along, we used to spray the yards and use those inside foggers. Not sure if you want to use those with young kids in the house though.

Do they have Frontline or Advantage there?

Tick and flea collar and frontline for the neck, i think frontline is the best brand. Also if you have the time and energy get a tick and flea shampoo and give the dog a good wash. The kids could help you, they would prob have fun.

good luck

I 2nd the dip suggestion for getting started and then follow up with the frontline.

I found that the powder that is pushed into the carpet with a broom is really really good at killing the fleas and eggs that might be in the carpet. This way each time they jump off -- they die! I cannot recall what it is called, but I'm sure the internets have an answer.

Frontline Plus. Kills fleas! And protects. You need to do it a few days after bathing (or a few days before) because baths (or swimming) can reduce the effectiveness.

Also you get a yellow spray can (from the vet), that is used for beds and outside areas (and inside). You need to be thorough in eradicating the fleas!

I would also recommend you do the Frontline plus ever 4 weeks, I live in Durbanville too and my pug got bilary (from ticks) and nearly died because I used to only do the Frontline every 3 months. There is def little shitty bilary ticks in the area, in the gardens! You need to keep on top of it for it to be effective.

Good luck, love Nicola

Fleas have become immune to Frontline and all these expensive remedies. have tried everything!!! Fleas are a bulti billion dollar business! Bath with flea shampoo and use a tick and flea collar which lasts for a month. Only thing that works!!!

Frontline loses its efficacy quickly in heat. If you have Advantage in SA, it works the best. If you don't have it where you are, internet mail order pet pharmacies stock it. It's not toxic around kids like the sprays. Vacuum the house every day and toss the bag in the trash, if your machine has a bag.

Flea dip and collars outgas, and are not good for your family. Borax on the pet beds will kill the adults fleas.

Tea tree oil (although I hear this is very bad for cats - so if you have cats...maybe not)

Btw - Tea tree oil is a good way to prevent lice. Add a few drops to a bottle of water and mist your children before they go to school :-)

My mom took the dogs to the vet and they had some pill that works for 3 months or something.

Fleas can jump out of the vacuum - so empty bag - put in garage when done.


As a preventative measure, use Garlic. We put a teaspoon of garlic in our dogs food at dinner time & it does the trick. We were advised by dog breeders that that was what they use.

Fleas are resistant little buggers. I found that alternating the treatments tends to work best - otherwise they get resistant pretty quickly - the lifecycle of a flea typically means that around 6 - 8 generations will cycle through typical treatment effectiveness periods, therefore enhancing the chance of immunity mutations as time goes by with one particular treatment.

I found a great site that stocks most of the treatments saving you time from hunting for them from various vets. http://www.petsonlinevet.co.za/

I am not affiliated with the above site in anyway.

Urgh, I feel your pain. I had the same problem with one of my dogs last year.
This is what we did - Capstar - every 2 to 3 weeks. Frontline or Advantix (we alternated) every 3 -4 weeks. Then as an immediate relief my vet gave her a Cortisone injection and put her on a course of cortisone tablets. It took away the itching. I found if it got too bad again then putting her on the cortisone for a few days helped (I had her on a very light dose).

I was also told that we could give her 1/2 a capstar every week instead of 1 every 2 weeks. It seems to work and we have started doing that this year already. So far so good.

Good luck!

I have 2 Goldens and I religiously do a Capstar/Program/Advantage blitz every 3-4 weeks - I get the Advantage pipettes for extra large dogs and it really works, I found that Frontline is not nearly as effective.
And then ditto the other comments about washing/ vacuuming bedding and using liberal amounts of Fleago spray - this little performance costs me nearly R1000/month - fleas SUCK!!!

Also, just an FYI, Golden Retrievers tend to have 'hot spots'. These are spots that they will itch and itch until the hair is gone. The vet could give you something for that as well. Just so you know that once the fleas are gone, it might just be hotspots.

The fleas in Cape Town is immune to all these things! Buggers!!!

delurking. You could try washing her with a bit of tea tree oil and salt mixed into the soap. Also spraying her with diluted tea tree oil (like 1/4 tsp teat tree to 4 cups H2o or so). You can spray around the house with the tea tree too. That was what we did for our pup and it solved the problem pretty quick :) Good luck.

FRONTLINE- AVAILABLE FROM VET!i found a tick on george, put frontline on and in the morning the tick was dead! brilliant stuff!

Flea bath + frotnline+plus having your yard sprayed. We have our yard sprayed in the summer-and it lasts for a long time. I bet once you get the issue solved-then just frontline?

I would use Advantage or Advantix (easily found online to order). Do NOT bathe Shelley 1 week before or 1 week after, otherwise you just wash it out. The greasier she is, the better the vet says it works. After that, I would flea-bomb the house and the yard, possibly calling in a professional... And then I would probably use Advantage or Advantix maybe 3 weeks after the first initial one, but then continue to use every FOUR weeks. I use Advantage on my dogs once a month.

When we first got our cat, the fleas got REALLY bad. So bad that if you walked across the floor, both your feet would be covered with them... We tried everything. Flea shampoo, flea collars, Advantage (or whatever it was called), and we even got some of those big fogger things. Nothing worked... Then I found the website, www.bugspray.com, and found a spray for the cat and the furniture, and some granuels that you put in the carpet (that's safe for kids and pets)... In 1 or 2 days the fleas were GONE, and they didn't come back. That stuff is AWESOME! You should check the site out!

We had them badly too, before we moved. I was determined to get rid of them, and not bring them to the new house. So far, so good. We started with a flea bomb tablet - you can get them from the vet. They are MASSIVELY potent and kill all fleas currently on the dog, within 24hrs. You can repeat these tablets every 2 days. Couple that with a light cortisone treatment to stop the itching. Those two will solve the immediate problem. To kill the fleas in the rest of the house at the same time, do a fogger thing. After even 1-2 days you should see the difference.

However, longer term (and to deal with the eggs that hatch) you definitely need to do a 'Program' and Advantage regime, every 4 weeks, and wash the dog beds regularly. Prevention is better than cure!

Good luck!!

Take her for a flea dip. Go to the vet and get flea treatment - the over the counter stuff is useless. We use Revolution on our dog and she has never had a flea (knowing on all wood around me) and she is an outside dog.

You will need to treat your yard and your house.

No time to read thru the comments, so this may be covered--when you use the flea stuff on the back of the neck...for larger dogs, you split the dose at the back of neck, middle of back and hips. I had 2 golden male litter mate retrievers--they are the best

Hi Tertia
You helped me and now I have a chance to help you! I was on a Frontline course last week as I work in a vet practice on weekends (just to help out, I am a rep for large farm animal health products.)
Frontline and Advantage both work they just affect the flea is different ways.
I have 2Labradorsand after the knowlage that I have gained this is what I am going to do with my dogs. 1) Capstar - just to shake off most of the fleas.
2) Frontline every 4 weeks after that. 3) Wash dogs bedding and spray Flego on patches where they like to lie. It takes about 7 to 8 weeks for this to be effective because no product on the market can kill the pupae stage of the flea's life cycle and if you use frontline Plus/Advantage you will see fleas again after 2 or so weeks. This is normal!! There is no need to put more Frontline on because it lasts 4 weeks. If you reapply every 4 weeks, after 8 weeks you will see the difference.
Just a tip, When you apply the Frontline plus/Advantage. Make sure that you move the hair so that you are pouring the sollution onto the skin. Bcause your dog is big you can also pour a little of the sollution on it's back just above the tail. It healps the spread of the sollution.
I know this will work if you follow it through.
Good luck.

Try garlic pills--I don't think they'll get rid of the fleas (you've gotten good advice for that), but they're good for prevention.

Forget flea collars- if they work at all, they only work around the head and neck. Don't use the shitty topical flea crap they sell at drug/grocery/discount stores- doesn't work. Only use what they sell at your vet. Keep in mind that topical flea treatments spread through the dermal layers, so don't apply them 48 hours before or after a bath. There needs to be enough oil in the skin for it to work to its full strength. Dips do work, but only for the fleas that are on the dog at the time the dip is applied. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING keeps fleas off animals, no matter what the package says. There is no "magic shield." As someone said above, for larger dogs, it can help to apply the topical in two or three places. Make sure the liquid is applied to the skin and not just the hair as well.

Advantage once a month in the summer months. And once got this pill from the vet that supposedly killed all the fleas on him within an hour or so. Fleas not too bad here as it gets so bloody cold in the winter!

This may sound funny, but I washed mine in dawn (read it online that it was safe as long as you get rinse off ALL the soap) and BOY did it kill a TON of those fleas. I vacuumed like crazy for a few weeks and kept up a once a week bath and started over with the topical solutions.

I used to work at a pet store grooming dogs. First: either take them to a doggy parlor and get them dipped AND worked over by a flea comb, or buy it and do it yourself - the flea comb is a pretty good way to get fleas off dogs. Second: get them out of your house! A professional can do it best. Third: definitely get something monthly. The one I use is where you squirt it down the whole back of the dog, from neck to tail, not just on the neck - it works pretty good, see if you can find one of those! :)

I don't mean to insensitive but this is the second time you have posted about major flea problems. They suck, I totally agree, but the cures and tips you are getting need to be followed all year long if you have animals that go outside and especially if they live outside. Treat the yard, treat the animals, and treat the house.
Frontline and Advantage drops work; but I have found that the frontline flea spray works the best (four cats and one dog, and I live the southeast of the US.) It is dependent on the weight of the animal, but instead of buying different packages for each animal, you just spray different amounts. one to two sprays per pound. Also, it works for dogs AND cats.
As to treating the yard: here in the US you can buy different things that attach to the hose and you spray over the yard, they normally last for about a month and as a bonus kill other pests. The only draw back is that the animals need to stay off the treated area for about 8 hours I think. If you want to go the professional way, I know exterminators here don't just spray for ants ect but also treat yards for pests.
For the house, flea spray the carpets and furniture with a flea spray that kills eggs, larvae and adults. Vacuum after the spray drys and throw out the bag.
All of these things should be done in the same 24 hour period.

Hi, I am on the KZN south coast and the fleas are shocking with all the heat and humidity. Frontline stopped working for me (or rather my dogs) and we now use Pro-meris, also from the vet. I use it every 4 weeks in summer and every 6 in the winter. Not cheap but it works and it eases the itching of the dog that has flea and grass alergies. I ask you, how can a dog be allergic to grass and fleas! I also bath the itchy one in a herbal dog shampoo a few days before I apply the pro-meris, it has rosemary and nettles in and just soothes the skin and gets rid of any flea poop. Good luck

Haven't tried their flea stuff for my dogs yet, but have used some of their other meds (for ears - works like a charm in case anyone is interested) - www.petalive.co.za All natural stuff as far as I know, maybe email/phone them.

FRONTLINE! Accept no substitutes! Do it now! :-)

Capstar, only kills the adult fleas that are resident on your dog and lasts no more than 24hrs, so use it to kill immediat infestation, along with,

Frontline Spray, rub it into the entire coat 2 days after bathing, this lasts for 1 month, so start using it while the Program kicks in, also, spray the bedding and the sleeping areas.

Program, will eventually make the adult fleas "infertile", so their eggs will not hatch and thus they will cease to exist, but you need continue with the course in order for it to work.

You can also use a Doom Fogger to kill fleas in your house, just remeber to lock up and leave for minimum 3 hours.

Once the Program kicks in, then you shouldn't need to cary on with the rest.

Hope this helps :) ...and Good Luck!!

I have a golden mix and we use Advantix for him every month (Frontline didn't work as well for us but we tried several methods before we found one that would work for our situation) and in the hot summer months in Oklahoma, USA we add vinegar to his drinking water. (1T/gallon) Here's a good site :)


Good luck!

To start, you need to schedule one day where:
1. Dog goes to the vet for the day for a flea dip.
2. While that is happening have the lawn treated
3. Also set off a flea bomb the house.

To keep this from happening again:

Every month, all year:
Day One-Advantix
Day 15-Comfortis (spinosad)

Treat the lawn as needed.

We added the Comfortis a few months ago and it is a miracle drug. In the heat down here, we just could not find an anti-flea med that would last a month. Now with adding the Comfortis in the middle of the month, problem solved. Thank goodness!

Advantix! Always use a flea and tick shampoo when bathing or take her to the groomer for a flea dip. Dawn dish detergent also works a a flea shampoo. Something in the degreaser helps to kill the fleas. But don't bathe her for a week after putting the Advantix (should you choose to use Advantix) on her.

Oh my, it is a nightmare! I suggest that you should bring the dog to the vet and have it checked. Also, I heard that there is oil for fleas to die. And how about those collars, try it. It might be effective.

Shouting loudly for you to use Comfortis. It's immediately effective (like Capstar), but has the HUGE advantage of continuing to work FOR A MONTH.

Also, get a prescription for an antihistamine for poor Shelly. It'll bring her some relief from the itching while she recovers from the Flea Attack.

In addition to bombing your house, you need to give Shelly (and Bruno, and possibly your cat) a Comfortis tablet EVERY MONTH. Otherwise you just set yourself up for another Flea Attack when this dose wears off.

Another big advantage to Comfortis over Frontline and any other topical treatment is that you CAN still wash your pet. No worries about washing away the flea treatment. So perhaps you can also implement the tea tree oil suggestions?

Good luck!

I've had good luck with Comfortis and like the fact that it's feed-through, so that there are no chemicals to get on my young son's hands (and into his mouth, etc.) from petting the dogs. Good luck, fleas are dreadful!

I don't know if it's available in SA, but we always gave our dog a monthly pill called Sentinel which protected against fleas and heartworm. I have no idea how long it would take to be effective once you already have an infestation since the pills prevented us from ever having that problem. Heartworm is fatal, so that part is a big bonus too.

Shame man! We have the same issues as our home resembles Noah's ark! The best and most cost effective way for de-fleaing animals, carpets, furniture and kids is...
A lemon and water mix in a spray bottle:

Take 4 lemons and quarter them
Place in large saucepan of water (+- 5L) and bring to the boil
Leave to cool over night with lid on pot
The oil from the skins as well as the juice infuse in the water, remove lemon pieces from water
Use the first batch to literally drench the dogs (this in non toxic and non harmful even if they drink most of it)
The second batch can be then decanted into spray bottles
Leave spray bottles strategically placed around house
This can be sprayed on the animals if they seem to be scratching
Also spray down furniture and carpets
One dose (light spray) lasts about a week and encourages the fleas to "move on"
I love the non toxic part of it as anyone can suck on the corner of a cushion and not come to any harm!!
Also leaves your rooms with a fresh lemony aroma (great for wet dog / old sock smell)
Good luck!

You have to tackle the flea problem from 2 angles................

1. get her bathed and dipped at the vet or doggy parlour. And apply something good like Frontline. This will give her immediate relief. And blitz your house - vacuum carpets etc to get rid of any fleas she might have trucked in (doom fogger is a good idea if it's really bad)

2. Get her onto program tablets. These can be bought from your local vet or chemist and the size is based on Shelly's weight. It's one tablet per month, every month. It kills the life cycle of the flea. All my dogs are on this, throughout the year, and I have no problems. You can start a puppy as young as 8 weeks on it too.

Good luck

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