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LOL The gift that keeps giving! Woot woot!

Okay, I am so doing this and on the back I am going to list the terms and conditions with an expiration date. LOL

Tertia! That is just mean!! I hope you displayed some good customer service and let him use that very last ticket!!!

It's been four years since I read that post? Man, I really need to get a life.

Haha, okay not really. But, that is crazy it's been so long. And, I really should do this with my husband. ;)


That means that the Free Pass moved house with you :)

OMG, I remember that post. I can't believe Marko still has that free pass...LOL.

He's a recycler! Good for him!


Off-topic: what kind of weird light switch is that?

Geesh, I have been following you for some time I guess as I too remember that post :)

My hubby also got similar free passes.( From me) Except these weren't home-made, they were a real book of vouchers, and they had tick boxes on them, eg: This voucher entitles the user to 1 free (and then you tick the box) with suggestions being: Night of passion, blowjob, free meal, night off etc...
I mad ethe huge mistake of not pre selecting a box for each voucher AND of including a tub of chocolate body paint with the gift!!! YIKES. (This was pre -kids BTW! Sooo wouldn't get a gift like that these days)
Anyhoo - you can guess which box he ticked each time!
Spin forward 6 years PLUS a transcontinental move.... and last month hubby whips out an unused voucher and leaves it on my pillow!!!!!
He managed to drag that book of vouchers across the ocean when we moved here.... but somehow managed to leave half our furniture in the UK????
MEN! There brains are in their balls!

Sorry - for all the grammar police out there.... I mean Their brains are in their balls

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