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I like the celtic motherhood knot - you can add dots in, or colour in sections with, your children's birthstone colour, or their initials....

How about footprints? I bet a good artist can replicate Ben's actual footprints, in miniature... then you can add smaller ones for Luke, Hannah, etc. Perhaps having their names (or initials) written over the footprints? I like the idea of having "Adam," "Kate," and "Max" written out, too.

Be sure to tell us what you decide, and post a picture when it's done.

P.S. Happy birthday! I'd have to say, though, that the way we celebrate here in the US would drive you nuts... lots of over-eating and lazing around. Def not a "Tertia-ish" kind of day! LOL

I got my first tattoo on Tuesday :) I got binary digits of my 3 kids initials on my wrist. Something different and unique.

I twas quick quick, and small enough to cover over with my watch strap
Good luck, and let us see the pics once you decided

Ooh, the binary initials sounds really cool. That plus little stars for the other babies would be nice.

Happy birthday T!

(from one who's celebrating but didn't get the day off. Bah humbug.)

Happy happy Birthday, Tertia!

How about a small tree, with branches that twist to form first initials? That way, it's a family tree and you can commemmorate all of your babies without a whole lot of space taken up?

Happ Birthday Tertia!

Happy birthday! We'll have a dinner (cooked by someone else) and lots of wine in your honor;-)

I'm too scared of needles, you're on your own. Why not try some Troll Beads rather? Go and have a look at Spilhaus Willowbridge. To die for. Hope you had a lovely day :-)

I have my son's name in binary code around my wrist, with little hearts dividing the letters.


This is a design I've been toying around with for awhile now, wanting to replace one of the vines with the name of my son. It could easily be adapted that way for Adam, Kate, and Max, and perhaps the number of leaves or petals can represent your losses.

It's a good thing you want don't want AKM's pictures tatooed, or I'd send you over here for inspiration: http://ugliesttattoos.com/tag/kids/

(Hope you had a great birthday with lots of non-wrapped Woolies gift cards)

Not only did we all take the day off, but we also ate ourselves into a stupor to mark the occasion. Happy birthday!

i have been toying with a similar idea for myself - some thoughts have been a flower for each daughter, on a small wreath thingy, or something that symbolises a word using the initial of each girls name - altho one spelling of this would be C.A.K.E. which my older daughters both found hilarious.

not sure where to put it either - my oldest girl has her inner wrists tattooed with chinese symbols, and it looks lovely - i guess that is one place you don;t go saggy - i don't like the idea of a tattooed area going baggy with age . . . i look forward to seeing what you come up with and hope it inspires me to get a wriggle on!

Happy birthday Tertia. The Canadians are wonderful folk too.. my birthday is in October and they take a whole weekend to celebrate my birthday and of course Canadian thanksgiving!!!

Happy Belated Birthday Tertia! Would love to see what your readers come up with for you tatt wise :)

I've always thought it would be cool to have a very brightly colored lizard (gecco?) where the design of the pattern on his body was writing that meant something - like your kids' names. I like the idea of the tail gradually getting thinner so that just the tip of it wraps around the outside of your wrist to just tough the protruding bone on top.

I always planned to have it done behind my ear with the tip ending up just in front but then I got one on my toe that has faded and needed to be done over so many times that I abandoned the idea. It seems that, like the toe, there's very little meat behind the ear so they fade fast. Plus, it hurt like a muthaf#@!er

erm, that's "touch" the protruding bone. I can too type.

Judging me....

Hey T - while I'm at it, can you send me Julie's email (a little pregnant)? I need to talk to her about her quilts for other people's children and every time I try to email her, my Mac tries to set up an entirely new email account for me without giving me her address. Thanks

Cheers! S

How about 3 long-stem roses for Kate, Adam and Max (the rose petals can cluster around their initials) and add a thorn along the stems for each baby who have passed on?

all I can think of is a crossword type thing for their names eg:

(would work better not typed!)

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