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Hmmm. See your post down below in which you say you were so excited to see your parents, that it was if you were 5 years old.

Karma is a bitch, darling! ;)


Absolutely they can be that intense. Mine sure as hell is. And he gets it entirely honestly: from me. *sigh*

one of my kids was a real 'what if' at the same age - what if a man comes and smashes the window in and throws in some 'fire'? what if the bedroom catches fire? what if i can't reach the door to get out? i spent hours each night reassuring her, locking the doors and windows very elaborately, but she would come up with a huge range of possible dire scenarios. she ended up on anxiety medication at 19, but at 23 is now doing really well - almost finished a vet degree, and her worrying has become a family joke - she still does it, but it is under control. the analytical ability helps her out in any deductive studies, and she is really really smart. i think its in the genes, and the sensitivity and deep thinking that comes along with it is an extra bonus. and yep, it comes from a parent . . . ME . . . so you don't have to look too far for the cause of adam's 'specialness'. swings and roundabouts baby, swings and roundabouts.

They are so flipping cute - the both of them!

We are moving overseas soon and will obviously have to fly. My two year old is totally stressed about it. "We will fall out da airplane? Oh, they lock da doors. Do we have a key? We cannot get off." I'm all kid you are TWO! And he has informed us that he will not take a helicopter there(as if that were an option) because "We Will fall out da hedicopter. It does not have a door."

I just had nearly the same exact conversation with my just-five-year-old twins. My son was also afraid of flying, while my daughter had no concerns. He also woke me up last night because he was dreaming about vampires (I haven't read nor do I know anything about Twilight, so he doesn't get that at home). Poor boys, they need to relax.

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