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What a fabulous picture.

It's so hard to believe I have "read you through" infertility, pregnancy complaints and this is the outcome. Three beautiful children. Amazing...

I am SO stealing this idea for our holiday picture! Your children are absolutely gorgeous!

You can tell that they are siblings, their faces are so similarly beautiful! I second the photo idea - consider it stolen!

Great pic! They are gorgeous and divine!!!!

I might steal this idea too!

Gorg and divine. All three.

Beautiful little darlings!!!

i love the way adam is cradling max with his hand. gorgeous and perfect.

Wow, this is really cute beautiful pic.

Where did the baby go? In his place is a little boy. Time flies.

Complete adorableness! Love those tots!

Absolutely gorgeous!

Cuteness cubed!

Great picture! They really are gorgeous... and Max looks so wise!


Hey the kids looks amazing ..!! Why don't you try some new hairstyles for your kids, have a look at these :


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