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I can't believe you are in Mumbai--what an adventurer you are!

glad you having fun enjoy the moment we proud of you xxxx love the fokkers

Tertia, you lucky dog. Ive always wanted to go to India. Enjoy !

WOW !! That is awesome. We are thinking about going to India for a vacation next year-tell me, does it seem pretty kid friendly-our girl will be 3.5?

Also-where are the women? it looks like only men in the photo...

Tertia - I have been reading your blog for years but this is the first time commenting just to say "hi". Have fun in my home country. It is over whelming, even for me (after spending 20 years there) when I go back on vacation!!! Try the Bombay special - "vada paav", "Paav Bhaji" while you are there :)! What other cities in India are you visiting?

Oh very cool! Would love to go there one day

Hello Fart ag, very proud of you too! Now you have been to crazy Mumbai you can definitly come and visit us in very lame and tame and boring Singapore. x

Glad you are having a fascinating experience!

Once you have visited your mother's fav child in Singapore it is only a hop and skip to visit Tess and I in Hong Kong.

your family are hysterical, enjoying their comments! So what are you doing in India?

"...What a vibrant, busy, sensual, hot, sweaty, stinky, amazing, gorgeous, busy place. Did I mention busy? ..."
yes you did mention "busy". India is such a great place but cities like Mumbai are HIGHLY overpopulated and very noisy... anyway, I love India!

Wait...Whaaaaaaaa? Hahaha, awesome!

So India is like the only place I am not planning to visit soon - the poverty and all. Looks like you are having fun though, and all.

Fantastic! Enjoy!

Wow, you in Indai???? I was in Mumbai earlier this year and thoroughly enjoyed it! I even visited one of the villages which was a VERY long bus drive away. I hope you have time to experience village life as i rather enjoyed that more than busy Mumbai :)
Have an absolute ball of a time shopping!

One more thing....You have to eat at a restuarant called Delhi Darbaar...EXCELLENT FOOD!!

Wow! What an interesting adventure. Wishing you a safe trip home. ;-)

I am no officially jealous! Enjoy every moment!

Wow, that is impressive and actually quite wild, too. I can see how the stress is building at home for all different kinds of reasons. Safe travels!

I am so proud of you, just amazed that you have done this.
Poor Gary having a crap time at work but I just beat him with a big stick to continue so he makes target and we get to go to Bali in April. LOVE traveling!
PS, Dad never comments on MY blog. I need to speak to your therapist!

Ok, this is critical information for you. If your taxi cab happens to hit a cow, immediately exit the taxi and run for your life! Do not hesitate and don't fumble around trying to pay the guy. He'll most likely be running for his life, too. Don't ask how I know. Let's just say a "friend" might have been in a similar circumstance and failed to run. 4 stitches and a chipped tooth later...when they say cows are sacred in India, they're not kidding.

But have fun. And when you get home, remember to wash everything you took on the trip (including your hair) several times with cinnamon or lemon, otherwise you'll be a walking scratch n sniff curried lamb ad.


Dude...never a dull moment... try not to hit a cow...gosh, this all sounds very awesome.

Daring young thing you are.

I'm so jealous! Two of the folks who work for me are in Mumbai. I don't think the company will be paying for me to visit, though.

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