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Around here, people have 'Botox parties', where doctors do indeed make house calls while the women drink wine and chat. I know a woman who just did a combination botox and lip filler party for all her friends. I've never been to one though.

Is this where I mention that I know a Botox doctor in Durbanville who does house calls? Not? I think I will keep it to myself then.

I saw it once on a tv show Nip/Tuck and I thought it was weird

Too busy and too naturally beautiful.

Here in the US there are botox parties where the doctor DOES come to the house! I can't imagine such things don't exist for you :)

I much prefer the idea of Bochox, than Botox. :-) They forgot to add that it is VITAL in the treatment of PMS.

Hmmm. Bochox - Botox... Maybe they will have a presidential brand that promises to cure everything and give you clear and younger looking skin like Michelle Obama - Obamatox...?

Here's a great article on this president Obama and the fact that he may have had a hand in creating the H1N1 swine flu virus that is currently circulating around the world: Did Obama really create H1N1 swine flu?

I think I need to become a doctor, or at least a botox injector ;) think of the fun home parties I could go to! ;)

hey tertia, my husband is a dr who does botox home visits, let me know via email if you are interested ...

Is 29 too young for botox? prevention better than cure?
only bloody problem is i am terrified of needles!

I'm a semi lurker, but wanted to say, glad you're back Tertia!


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