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Oh, that face... we see it so often. It says: What, mommy? What's wrong? Look, I just brought you a pressie... I'm going to carry it around in my mouth now for the whole day...

Shelly looks so sweet and innocent.

Are you SURE you didn't want that plant removed? What an adorable doggie! Too funny.

LOTS more dog pics, please!

Yep, bad plant, very bad plant!

Oh the sorrow in her eyes. I hope you did not go mad o the poor sweet innocent thing. ANyway I agree you didn't need the plant there.

I can't even read what you wrote, THAT DOG IS JUST SO GORGEOUS!!

"what? oh...you wanted it there...but I thought...oh sorry..my bad"

Those plants are a menance anyway....

Our dogs like to redo the back yard. Mainly the watering system... Buggers are so cute though. Look at those eyes haha.

She looks so proud of herself....

My dogs seem to have a terrible dislike for lavender. One fully establish hedge is now gone!!

i had a kid like that, followed her father and carefully plucked out EVERY new plant he put it for an entire garden bed. dozens of them. and a dog who HATED my sweet little flower seedlings so ripped em out over night and shredded them . . . so cute, but TOTAL P.I.T.A'SSES

Such a classic look of "WHAT? I conquered the plant!" Beautiful dog.

She looks to me like she saying "That plant really had to go."

Shelly still looks so innocent even with the evidence. I am starting to miss my dog who passed away last month.

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