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My son Ben (age 9) says, "A 4-year-old made up those jokes? Those are good jokes!" So kudos to Adam.

Wow - Five months?! That sure did go by quickly.

I also loooove that joke from Adam! That is impressive.

Keep us posted on that gym business.

y'know, re: the tattoo - maybe there's a way of symbolizing all your children. You have three kids you can see every day, and some that you can't. Would incorporating the image of, say, an angel (or anything else) into the tattoo be a tribute to the other babies? Totally not my place to suggest this, but I was curious. Or not the names at all, but an image or word or something that symbolizes your love for all your children.

Congrats on Adam's jokes. They aren't half bad.

What about a tree of life (like this one maybe http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3232/2750611655_fd155c7e6f_o.gif ) and have each child's name (or a symbol if they weren't around long enough to have a name) placed on a branch.

I've always been desperate for a tattoo, but it's not the pain that scares me, it's the permanence of it. Do you ever get bored of the ones you have?

P.S. Just started my own blog....now to get people to actually read it! How did you do it when you started out?

When they are teens you will be begging to be sent away - anywhere!

I'd take the photos, but the travel budget would kill us both. ;)

Holy cow! 7 nights IS a long time to be away, and I am not nearly as anal as you about staying at home. ;-)

Remember what Need did when she went away. She made a paper chain for the children to tear on link off each day. I thought that was such a sweet idea. I know we all say it all the time, but seriously, thank God for Rose!

I agree, Pops and Mimi are very selfish. I get highly irritated if my parents have a life outside of my demands on them.

I am totally jealous of your car!! And your Max! Both are totally adorable.

be brave, mama. I am the same.. In total, over October, I'll only have had my Cam with me for a total of 14 sleeps. in comparison to the usual 28 I have in a month, its breaking my heart.

I cant not go, its mainly business travel, but ive committed myself to NOT travel until December again.

Sterkte, the kids will be OK XXXX


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P.s. Adam's joke was quite funny!

Tertia give me a call and I will come take your photos for you. Hope Tazzy has fun looking after the kids while you are away.

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